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Viral rashes on both children - should I keep DD home from nursery?

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whomovedmychocolate Wed 01-Jul-09 21:05:30

My children both have caught some sort of bug which represents as rolling high temperatures, malaise and anorexia. The GP reckons it's a 'virus' (ie bog off and come back if they actually suffer, there's no treatment). This then developed into a rash (blanching) all over. V. common in small children with temperatures apparently.s I did think it was just a heat rash to start with but then it got worse and worse. Anyway they look like they've got german measles and just for fun so do I because they joyfully shared their germs. hmm

GP says there is no way it's contagious because they've had it for over a week and it's not a known virus. Woop-de-doo - and yet they got it from somewhere. hmm

So I don't know whether to send DD tomorrow or not to nursery - frankly I am a tad concerned in case she is incubating the plague. hmm

They are both quite happy as long as regularly dosed with neurofen/paracetamol.

Loosingmymind Thu 02-Jul-09 09:53:49

Hi, my DS gets these viruses all the time. GP tells me he only needs to be off nursery for the 1st day or 2 of the rash. As long as he isn't acting unwell I fill him wi calpol and send him off.

Hope this helps.

pigsinmud Thu 02-Jul-09 10:49:26

If she's well in herself then I'd send her. However, if she only feels better with calpol then I wouldn't send her.

I've sent dd1 to school today. She has a very obvious rash on her! She's been off school this week with high temp and awful sore throat. Came out in a rash on her neck and then spread all over her tummy and back. Saw GP yesterday (first time she's been to doc!) and she now has abs for a throat infection (looks so sore). Today she is so much better so I've sent her with bright red rash - school were fine about it. Got to pop up there ina minute to give her the abs.

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