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Vomiting 4 month old BF son - could it be the heat?

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ruralmum Mon 29-Jun-09 21:29:09

ds has been vomiting on and off since yesterday morning. He woke us up yesterday morning at 6.30 by vomiting up his 4.30 feed and then seemed fine all day until I went to feed him at 11 last night and h was fast asleep lying in a huge pool of vomit.. he woke up and seemed cheerful so fed him again and after 20 mins he started retching again and threw up feed...waited another hour fed him again and he slept fine. Was fine all day until 4pm when he threw up again.. Each time he throws up it is quite violent but only milk and no green/yellow stuff. He seems to be pooing and weeing normally. As it is so hot I am a little worried.
Any thoughts?

essjay1976 Tue 30-Jun-09 08:17:45

IF ITS GREEN SOUNDS LIKE GASTRO TO ME ID GO TO DOCTORS dehydradion will come on quickly in this heat, staright to doctors i would go!

acebaby Tue 30-Jun-09 20:54:17

No doctor will mind seeing such a young baby. Get him an emergency appointment for a checkup.

I don't want to alarm you though - it's probably just a mild tummy bug. I'm afraid that the occasional vomiting can go on for several days, so be prepared with lots of muslins and changes of clothes!

Also, keep a close eye on nappies (sounds like you are doing that already)

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