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We were just hit by a lorry from behind! 13 wk old DD seems fine- but should I take her to A& E?

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jeffily Mon 29-Jun-09 16:24:59

We were stationary at a roundabout and he just crashed into us! angry fortunately we both seem ok, tho the car is a wreck, but DD was in the back & obv can't say if she has any pain etc. She seems fine but I am so worried now that she will have some internal injuries or shaken baby problems. She was in her rear facing car seat, fast asleep. What should I do?!

BTW, can't drive the car so it's a hour trek over town then the wait, and then back and she has been sitting in a hot car/recovery van all day. I want to just give her a cool bath and a sleep, but should I get her checked out?

IkeaCatalogue Mon 29-Jun-09 16:26:56


hospital to be on safe side, I know it's hot; can you afford a taxi?

You should be checked out too, for whiplash and anything else

take care

PortAndLemon Mon 29-Jun-09 16:29:18

Personally I wouldn't if she seems fine, given that she was rear-facing and that that gives so much protection (just look at the crash test footage -- the baby barely moves at all in a RF seat).

You are going to include a new carseat in your insurance claim, I assume? The insurance company may not think to do that unless you remind them.

ilovesprouts Mon 29-Jun-09 16:32:16

i would just to be on the safe side hope your all ok

Ledodgy Mon 29-Jun-09 16:32:16

I would definately get you both checked out. I'm sure she's fine but best to make sure also good to ave someting on record if you decide to persue it further. Also you will need to buy a new carseat so include it in the insurance claim against him.

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Mon 29-Jun-09 16:32:50

Please take her to A&E, today.

Ledodgy Mon 29-Jun-09 16:32:52


GhostOfPsychomum5 Mon 29-Jun-09 16:39:05


take a taxi and get a reciept, things like this can (and should) be claimed for as he is the one at fault.

she needs checking........she is more than likely completely ok, this is what car seats are made for after all, to protect our children, but as she is so small, best get her the once-over from the docs.

oh, and yes, car seat will now be too dangerous to use, so a new one should be purchased. when you ring for a taxi, ask for one that has car seats available...........from what I gather they can and do if asked.

good luck........are YOU ok??

MmeLindt Mon 29-Jun-09 16:41:25

Oh, how scary for you. Are you alright?

Do go to A&E to get her checked out. You will sleep better tonight when you know that she is fine.

Take a taxi and claim it from the insurance.

cocolepew Mon 29-Jun-09 16:44:47

How horrible for you, I would take her, just to be sure.

Hope you are both fine.

MamaG Mon 29-Jun-09 16:48:15

AGree you should take her, she's so little.

You will be able to claim for taxi and new car seat on his insurance. Please be aware that whiplash can take a while to come out, you might wake up in pain tomorrow so stock up on ibuprofen and paracetamol now.

If you have any nightmares etc, keep a record as you can make a personal injury claim to include emotional effects

Hope you are ok

jeffily Tue 30-Jun-09 09:48:17

Thanks everyone. I rang my doctors and asked them what they thought, they told me some things to watch out for and said to take her if i noticed anything out of the ordinary and if I was at all worried. She fell asleep as she normally does before I could get her out of the house, so I decided to leave it, and check on her regularly through the night (she wakes every 2 hours for a feed anyway, so I knew I'd have a regular handle on it!). We are only 5 minutes from the hospital and I decided I could always call an ambulance if I was really concerned. Anyway, she was, and is, fine. grin And so am I. Thank you all for your responses though, and all so prompt! Now I just have the fact that the car is prob a write off to worry about hmm.

cocolepew Tue 30-Jun-09 14:19:49

Glad she was ok smile

Bummer about the car though.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Tue 30-Jun-09 14:25:12

Don't forget to buy a new car seat.

anniebear Tue 30-Jun-09 15:27:14

its a hrrible shock

Glad you are both ok

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