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WWYD re.ds[5] and school?

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Nemoandthefishes Mon 29-Jun-09 06:49:21

Ds came home from school on friday night and started vomiting. He stopped by very early hours of sat[1am ish] and has been fine all weekend but only eating sparingly which to be fair I usually feel like after being ill. However last night he woke up and asked to change his pj bottoms as he had 'runny poo' and he hadnt wiped properly. This morning again he has been on the loo with a runny poo but is otherwise fine. He doesnt want to eat much but has been playing fine and I even took him to a birthday party yesterday as there was no sign of him being ill then. Anyways he is saying he wants to go to school but DH and I are not sure as I dont think he has a bug anymore [no tummy pains, playing normally drinking normally just not eating as much] but then obviously if he has diahorria then I dont want him in school.

charmander Mon 29-Jun-09 06:54:40

Do not send him to school.

SparkleandShine Mon 29-Jun-09 06:55:41

our school says to wait 48 hours after the last episode of D or V so that would be 2 days off... if his poo is runny he still has the bug however well he feels...

purepurple Mon 29-Jun-09 06:58:12

no he will have to stay off for 48 hours after his last runny poo
they will send him home if you send him in and he tells them he has been ill

Nemoandthefishes Mon 29-Jun-09 06:59:27

think I was querying whether it is likely to be D or its just because he hasnt eaten iykwim. It has been 48hrs since he had V and has been fine since then

SparkleandShine Mon 29-Jun-09 07:02:42

it will be diarrhoea probably just delayed as he hasn't been eating...

with a bug diarrhoea isn't always as frequent as with food poisoning....

Nemoandthefishes Mon 29-Jun-09 07:04:15

thanks sparkle

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