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Noticed DS3 turning one foot in when he walks

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MerlinsBeard Sun 28-Jun-09 22:38:21

He is due some jabs on Tuesday at the clinic anyway so will mention it when they do they check over but want some (potentially) better advice in the meantime.

He is 16 months, been properly walking (as in, with proper and well fitted shoes) for about 3 months now - a month or so walking with just socks and a few trips but not in shoes and not outside IYSWIM.

Is there something that i can be doing to stop him turning his foot in, it's quite significant and i am ashamed to say that i only noticed properly when he was in wellies the other day blush he does do it in other shoes too.

MerlinsBeard Mon 29-Jun-09 11:22:12


i know it doesn't make sense, was trying to post before i forgot to post

3littlefrogs Mon 29-Jun-09 11:25:24

Just mention it when you take him for his jabs. They will refer him to have his feet, knees and hips checked - this is the usual procedure and nine times out of ten they will find nothing wrong. It is definitely worth checking though, because it is much easier to correct the earlier it is picked up.

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