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CHICKEN POX - How long to come out & siblings catching ...

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Disenchanted3 Sat 27-Jun-09 09:53:35

Right DS came out in spots Sunday, monday was fine, noo scabs thought heat rash etc ... monday night throws up alot.

Take him to GP tuesday, chicken pox for sure.

Now DS2 andDD dont seem to have gotten it, is it too early?

does it take a while?

or am i lucky and tiny DD has escaped? for now


bubblagirl Sat 27-Jun-09 10:11:10


smartiejake Sat 27-Jun-09 10:14:01

There was exactly three weeks between my two DDs getting chicken pox. Everyone said the younger one (7m at the time) wouldn't get it as I was still BF her...

I was just beginning to relax when the first spot appeared!

lljkk Sat 27-Jun-09 20:32:46

13-14 days from spots appearing on Child-1 until spots on Child-2.

rhiane Sun 28-Jun-09 07:46:43

My DS (8 months at the time) got it exactly 16 days after DDs first spots, most sites say 10-21 days after contact so yes it is too early.
DS had it quite a lot worse than DD.

How old is your DD?

throckenholt Sun 28-Jun-09 08:59:19

a week between mine - DS1 first - ds2 & 3 (twins) a week later (and much worse - poor little blighters where covered )

DontCallMeBaby Sun 28-Jun-09 09:14:54

Friend's DD2 came out with spots a few days back, 12 or 13 days after her big sister. I'd worked out that she was looking at the little one getting it (assuming she did) anything between a week and nearly four weeks after big one came out in spots:

- one week = DD2 catches it when DD1 is infectious three days before spots come out, takes 10 days to brew
- four weeks = DD2 catches it just before DD1 stops being infectious (five-ish days after spots come out) and it takes 21 days to brew

I wish I could say her DD2 kicks the trend by NOT getting it worse, but although she has fewer spots the ones in her nappy area have got infected, poor little sausage.

LovelyRitaMeterMaid Sun 28-Jun-09 09:19:09

DS came out with it on a Monday.

DD was 4 weeks at the time - lots of people told me she wouldn't get it.

She came out with it two weeks after DS.

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