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Prolonged Jaundice screen for DS tomorrow - what to expect?

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onehitwonder Thu 25-Jun-09 21:54:22

DS is 19 days old tomorrow and we have an appointment for prolonged jaundice screening, as he is still jaundiced. The jaundice developed after 3 days or so and he is fully breastfed. His feeding and weight gain is fine - he has gone at least 11 ounces over his birth weight already.

He isn't really yellow and his poo isn't pale, but a good bright yellow (apparently this is positive?). He is quite sleepy, but is waking on his own for feeds every 2 hours or so and generally feeding well.

I am obviously hoping it is just breastmilk jaundice and no treatment will be required, but does anyone have any experience of the screening and likely outcome?

TIA smile

lou031205 Thu 25-Jun-09 22:14:35

He will need to have a wee sample collected. They will also prick his heel. Real problems are very rare, so please don't worry. All 3 of mine were still jaundiced at 19 days.

onehitwonder Fri 26-Jun-09 08:19:36

bump smile

jeffily Fri 26-Jun-09 10:08:22

DD had the prolonged jaundice screening as well as she was still jaundiced after 21 days. It might not be the same in all areas (we are in E Sussex) but we had to go to the clinic. They weighed and measured her and then put a little pad into her nappy to collect a wee sample. She was examined by the doc. She spent her first 10 days in a SCBU so I was keen for her not to have to have any blood taken unless really necessary as I felt she had already been through enough! I said this to the doctor, and she took my feelings into account. She checked her over, looked at her eyes, skin, body etc. Reviewed her growth and asked me some questons about her first few days- how she was feeding, how her nappies were, if she was sleeping and waking for feeds. She explained to me what the blood test was looking for and then said that DD seemed ok to her and that if I didn't want the blood test it didn't seem necessary (although I think she would have done it to be sure if I had not said that I didn't really want it). She told me what to look out for and who/how to contact if I was worried.

It sounds like your DS is pretty similar to how she was, so i am sure that it will be fine! DD's jaundice gradually died down and she is now very healthy and pink (except where she has scratched herself!). Hope it goes well for you. I am sure it will.

onehitwonder Fri 26-Jun-09 17:57:57

Thanks for the replies Jeffily and Lou. Went today and they took a urine sample and some blood sad, which wasn't fun. As other than looking a bit tanned DS is otherwise fine they are pretty sure nothing will show up.

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