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Was this a seizure, should I be heading back to the consultant?

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Pheebe Thu 25-Jun-09 18:59:30

DS2 (20 months) has reflex anoxic seizures. Basically he stops breathing and faints if he hurts himself or is frightened (not always and it has to be quite severe to make him go). We've seen the consultant and been given the all clear its nothing more serious.


This morning he did something a little odd. He'd opened the fridge while I was getting breakfast ready and got some yoghurts out. I told him no, put them back then lifted him out of the kitchen onto the carpet area and sat him down, chatting to him quite happily about how I was making him breakfast. He seemed fine but as I stood up he cried out a couple of times and slapped the floor. TBH he wasn't really crying, more just an annoyed noise really. Anyway for some reason I picked him up and his face went all slack, his eyes went all stary and he just seemed to go to sleep. he woke up starled in a second when I called his name, went down again then woke again a few seconds later when the phone rang. He was then post dictal (cold, clammy, a bit floppy and spacey) for a few mins as he would be after one of his normal seizures. What concerns me was the way he went into it, usually he's crying really hard, his face kind of locks and his eyes roll back. This time he just seemed to fade out.

DH thinks it was just a variant on his normal pattern and we should just keep an eye on him. But somethings just niggling me. What do you guys think?

wrinklytum Thu 25-Jun-09 19:06:28

It does sound like a "Petit mal" (Small seizure),especially the aftermath if he was post ichtal and clammy etc.

I am not a neurologist so can't judge etc but if you are worried I would take him back to GP and see if he suggests a re referral to a paed neurologist xIt may be nothing and as our OH says just a variant but it won't hurt anyone if you are concerned.

Is he on any epilepsy meds?

sweetfall Thu 25-Jun-09 19:09:23

I think you should report any change in his usual seizure pattern to his consultant. What harm can it do to have it recorded?

smallorange Thu 25-Jun-09 19:13:11

My DD2 has anoxic seizures but seems to be growing out of them. She has on occasion had episodes where she has 'zoned out' - her head kind of rolls, she seems to take a deep breath but doesn't quite have a 'seizure' in the way she did before. She is then tired and pale just the same as after a normal anoxic seizure.

Do you have a neurologist who confirmed diagnosis? If so you could give him/her a ring just make sure this is in line with what you should expect.

Pheebe Thu 25-Jun-09 19:59:41

Smallorange, that sounds very like what he did.

Thanks everyone, think I'll give his paediatrician a call. He's not on any meds. She was happy it wasn't any sort of epilepsy when we saw her before and he had an EEG, although of course one test doesn't necessarily rule out something more subtle.

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