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any H/Vs Out There?

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ilovemydogandmrobama Wed 24-Jun-09 18:23:53

DS (15 months) is under the care of a Paediatirican for a range of issues.

About a month ago, DS swallowed a 5p piece. Took him to Children's A & E and they found it was in his stomach, and said it would pass.

Fast forward 4 weeks later, and it hadn't passed. DS also had what looked like colic, so the combination made me want to consult A & E.

The A & E doc first wanted to have a whole medical history starting with my pregnancy. I answered the question, and she asked if I had the red book with me, which I did and showed it to her. She asked about his slow weight gain, and I corrected her -- she was looking at the wrong graph (0-12 month graph) and that he has been thriving for past few months. I reiterated that he was under the care of a Paediatrican at the same Children's hospital.

Oh, and then she asked me to take DS to the public area of A & E where there wasn't any metal, so poor DS had an audience standing there in his nappy and crying.

There wasn't any metal detected, so guess I missed it, which is fine.

She then wanted to start various tests on him, and I said that he was under the care of Dr. (*) and was only really here about the 5p piece.

She wasn't able to examine DS as he was quite upset, so she said that she would have the H/V come to the house and examine him. This didn't make sense to me as if he needed to be examined, then I would go to the GP, and am not sure that a H/V is qualified anyway to do a full examination.

Anyway, we left and our GP called this afternoon. He said that there had been a report that I was acting, 'agitated'.

As you can imagine, I was upset by the allegation and told him the whole story. He told them that I had never acted agitated the whole time he's known me, but said he'd have a word.

The H/V is calling me on Friday.

Further, the A & E doctor didn't bother to call DS Paediatrician, nor anyone from his team, if these were genuine concerns.

Where do these reports go, and how does one correct it?

ilovemydogandmrobama Wed 24-Jun-09 19:40:28


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