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Anyone familiar with Mycoplasma ?

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melsy Wed 24-Jun-09 14:45:43

dd1 seems to have a history of acute bacteria infections in various parts of the body and organs and this has been going on for over 2 yrs now. The 1st lot in 06-07 led to a diagnoses of obstructive sleep apnea and she had an adenotonsillectomy. During this time back 06-07 she had recurrent UTI's some which were detected in cultures and some coming back negative, but with all the same symptoms.

Shes now been in and out of hospital again since Jan of this yr with another series of acute UTI's, one bout turned into kidney infection as she didn't respond to the basic anti biotic. Again nothing showed in several cultures grown each time shes been admitted , yet she now has permanent kidney damage and we are under a consultant at GOSH to determine and test for Kidney reflux (due results from a Mag3 done this past Monday in 7-10 days).

So for over 2yrs shes been on umpteen anti biotics and hospitalised over and over. We had a long period of time of night terrors (which until the recent tests at GOSH had all but gone and now returned) and she also has been unable to get dry at night. Shes extremely sensitive emotionally right now , which is understandable and has bouts of activity and energy and then gets extremely tired.

I was recommended by a friend to go and see a pharmacist who also practices as a homeopath/flower remedy practitioner who works in our local sainsbury! So today I went and found him. Hes suggested that her spleen is probably overworked (which I suspected) and that its very possible she has mycoplasma in her body which is why nothing is showing in normal hospital tests and why infections seems to move from one part to another.

He said that if I brought her to him he would put her on the whole 37 flower remedies and treat the Mycoplasma and do a work up on her whole system.

Ive never heard of this condition and Im so confused as to what is the best direction to go in for her.

Reading up , it seems despite the mycoplasma you still need to treat the varying conditions, which with kidney damage needs to be addressed. My biggest concer is the antio bitoics use and long term health and also, If I dont treat the supposed mycoplasma, could I just be leaving her wide open for much worsening problems.

I know much of this sounds bonkers!

singersgirl Wed 24-Jun-09 14:51:36

Well, I don't know anything about the flower remedy thing, but I do know that mycoplasma pneumoniae is susceptible to azithromycin (Zithromax) and certainly that was the drug used to treat my DH and DSs when they all developed a mycoplasma infection. It was very common in Singapore (one of the commonest causes of 'walking pneumonia') and DS1 was hospitalised with high fever and chest problems.

I don't know about systemic mycoplasma, though, and it might need a longer course of antibiotics or something else. There is a test for mycoplasma, as it was confirmed in DS1, but just suspected afterwards in DH and DS2.

Personally I wouldn't believe the flower business for an instant.

melsy Wed 24-Jun-09 17:24:18

Was that a hospital in this country? Is it contagious? I cant find any simple information on it. My word they all had it , except you?

As Id never heard of the condition, I wasnt sure if it was some alternative sub clinical made up complimentary medicine thing to scare me into doing all sorts of treatments or an actual condition, if you get me drift.

Im not sure if he was suggesting the flower remedies for the mycoplasma or just for general health for dd1 due to what shes been through. He didnt actually state what he'd treat it with. He said it would be better if I brought her with me for a proper consultancy.

I just wanted to get some more information before mentioning it to the consultant nephrologist at GOSH. I think he already thinks Im a bit, ermm different about things, as he was not impressed that I may have wanted to treat her (in the instance of possible high blood pressure, which may come about with kidney damage) with a special diet!!

I think the homeopath felt it pointed to mycoplasma, as there seems to be no evidence of E coli/UTI/nephritis when cultures are grown, but she clearly presents +++ on leukocytes etc in a dip stick & has all the presenting symptoms

Its like a mystery puzzle that no one can put together.

singersgirl Wed 24-Jun-09 20:23:51

Mycoplasma is infectious and it's a pretty common community acquired infection that has peaks every few years. We were in Singapore at the time and it seemed to be a bit of an epidemic there then - all the kids were going down with it and lots of children seemed to get pneumonia. I had a bit of a sore throat but everyone else had fever and a really nasty cough.

The doctor there said it was a bacterium that acted like a virus (or perhaps it was a virus that acted like a bacterium!) so that it could affect all sorts of different body systems but, like a bacterium, was sensitive to an antibiotic. I did look up mycolplasma after our bout of it and found that long-term mycoplasma infection can cause really nasty effects, so (though I haven't looked it up again recently) I don't see why it couldn't cause kidney trouble.

Big caveat: I have no medical training! smile

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