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Wind, constipation... any advice please

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iloveavocado Tue 23-Jun-09 10:07:34

About a week ago, my ds, who is now 5 weeks, started suffering with wind in the evenings and getting quite grumpy. We cycled his legs, put him over a shoulder, etc, which helped him get rid of it a bit, and I also spoke to the doctor who prescribed Infacol.

His wind seemed to improve a bit, but now he's constipated. Before the infacol he was pooing at 3-6 times a day. At first when I started giving it to him this went to one massive poo a day, but now for the last 3 days he's not poed at all. I've stopped giving him the infacol, but he seems really troubled with tummy issues. Usually he is very calm and chilled, but he is grouchy and through the night he got little sleep and was grumbly and agitated and kicking his legs and stuff. He is also quite farty, but no poo.

Could the Infacol have caused this? Is there anything I can do to help him poo?

He is exclusively breastfed...

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