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A teething question

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turtle23 Tue 23-Jun-09 08:06:40

Poor DS (nearly 15 months) has suffered horribly with his teeth. He gets those big blood blisters, followed by ragged open hunks of gum that bleed and bleed, then it takes ages for tooth to appear. (Usually a month to get all the way through the gums)
His latest two molars did all this three months ago and are still not all the way through the gums. One is 3 corners through and the other is still just one corner. Is this within the boundaries of normal? If it were just the time I wouldn't mind, but he is miserable so often with it. My dentist just said "babies dont need to be seen" when I rang up so will have to find someone else to go to, I guess.

turtle23 Tue 23-Jun-09 11:25:24


discombobulate Tue 23-Jun-09 17:41:23

It can take a considerable amount of time for teeth to erupt fully but if he is suffering and you are worried I would take him to a dentist. It is very irrespobsible of your dentist to say babies don't need to be see because you are never to young to see a dentist. It is important to check everything is coming through properly and also just to get children used to seeing the dentist from an early age. I would try and get him seen at your dental surgery. When you ring up explain that you are worried about hs gums and they should see you. Hope this helps.

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