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panicing about ds dehydration? when to worry

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manitz Mon 22-Jun-09 23:53:50

and how much? he started a fever last wed. fever went down on sat I think but he's had diahrrea (sp?) since and is off his food, not like him. Have been careful to keep him hydrated but he hasn't done a wee since 8pm for sure. his fontanelle is slightly depressed when does he need to do his next wee?

doesn't take bottles so am bf. he is waking inthe night since fever started - not unhappy about that. also he was born at 36.5 and was 25th or 50th centile and now tracks on the bottom of the chart with four weeks taken off. he cant really afford to lose weight and feels v bony. all my kids do this and i can cope with that but get nervous when they go off their food.

at what point do i need to rush him to hosp? or when do you get a doc appt? is it after a week of diohrrea? lump still hasn't reappeared by the way. ta

manitz Tue 23-Jun-09 00:10:23

dont think me rude. i'm logging off so wont reply if anyone posts. want to go to bed and nhs direct website yes/no answer thingy has just come up 'go to a&E'which to me seems an overreaction so going to bother their phone line. c u later.

ilovemydogandmrobama Tue 23-Jun-09 00:31:16

Right. Here's what I know. When DS went to A & E, one of the tests for dehydration is the fontanelle being depressed. And whether there were regular wet nappies.

You don't mention how old he is?

What they did in A & E was to give him Diorlyte at regular intervals. They wanted 5ml every 5 minutes which he wasn't keeping down, so he went on a drip, and was admitted for dehydration and other things...

Is there a reason you don't want to go to A & E? Is it possible to call them and discuss the criteria over the phone?

manitz Tue 23-Jun-09 10:18:06

hi, thanks ilmdamr. he is nine months. tbh, he was so happy yesterday i really wasnt worried just didn't want to ignor it. his fontanelle was slightly depressed and eyes sunken and no wet nappies for a while. def a bit dehydrated. called nhs direct who rang me back 2 hours later, 2.30am and that nurse said need to see emerg docwho rang me back at some point later and said don't worry, not just about the number of nappies, if he's well in himself then no panic. dh now calling me chicken licken. knackered as still had to get up and get the others to school.

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