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Could this be a kidney infection in DD1?

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JackBauer Mon 22-Jun-09 20:02:09

She is 3.6 months and has been not quite making it to the loo for a few days but today she has wet herself every single time, normally at the bathroom door.
She has also been complaining of lower back pain at random moments and been on teh verge of tears and bent over because of it. It lasts about 2 or 3 minutes and then she is fine.

Took ehr to the doc and he gave me a scrip for anti'bs which I can't collect until tomorrow now, and I have a small sample which I bribed persuaded her to do in the potty just before bed.
I used to get horrific infections and be laid up for ages so I erally hope this is something else, but what else could it be?!

Pollylop Wed 01-Jul-09 20:47:49

I think it sounds like it is a uti yes. however, the fact that she is already 3 years old and you haven't had one before is a good thing I believe as it may mean not serious. Keep a low threshold for managing her - if you think she has another one then get the Doctor to refer you for an ultrasound so they can see if kidneys are okay. My little DD1 is 20 months and has had recurrent UTIs and has a scarred kidney. We have been managing her recently by giving her a homeopathic drug called D-Mannose which is completely natural and promotes urinary tract health. She is also on laxatives as any constipation can exacerbate it. Good luck

smartiejake Wed 01-Jul-09 21:57:21

Another really good homeopathic remedy for urinary problems is cantharis. My DD has had problems with cystitis since she was little. (As have I)and she finds it very helpful. You could also try cranberry- it really does work.
(BTW I am not saying use these instead of ABs just alongside)

JackBauer Thu 02-Jul-09 11:36:22

Thanks for answers, it is another UTI, and it is her third that I know of (since potty training, I couldn't tell in nappies) but this is the frist time it has gone to her kidneys and there was no 'normal' bladder infection until after her back was hurting.
GP was great and has put in an urgent referral so am waiting for that now.

Cranberry is great, she loves that and it is her 'take this revolting medicine and have pink drink' bribe treatgrin

Have made a note of other stuff, is it a continuous prevention dose or just when she is sick?

smartiejake Thu 02-Jul-09 15:52:34

Not sure about cantharis- my DD uses it when she has cystitis or "irritable bladder" as the doctor calls it. I'm sure you could find out more if you googled it or perhaps asked at a local health food shop- they are sometimes very knowledgeable.

weegiemum Thu 02-Jul-09 15:56:13

Cranberry - you're not supposed to drink it with anti-b's
(long term kidney infection/kidney stone sufferer here).

Cranberry is great at preventing infection as there are things in it that coat the urinary tract. Unfortunately, they coat the urinary tract so well that they can stop the antibiotics from working, so you should not use it while you are taking medication.


katiestar Thu 02-Jul-09 20:12:16

My DD aged 7 has had alot of the symptoms you mention .An aching feeling of not being finished after going to the loo ,going more often and then she developed the pain in one side where her kidney is and extreme tiredness.The doctor said it was a kidney infection and she would need to be referred to a specialist.

JackBauer Thu 02-Jul-09 20:39:53

Really weegie? I always had horrific cystisis (funnily enough until i got pregnant) and was always told by gp's to drink cranberry as well as antib's

Shall get some cranberry in for every day anyway, can't hurt.

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