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Hand and feet skin peeling in 4 year old DS

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norfolklass Mon 22-Jun-09 16:25:43

Sorry I know its a bit random but not quite sure how else to put it!!

To cut a long story short about 4 weeks ago DS developed 2 small spots on the sole of his foot. They were almost like little blisters but not where you would expect blisters iykwim. Didn't do anything about them but after a few days they dried up and then all the skin around them started becoming very very dry and cracked. The only way I can describe it is how adults feet can look sometimes...sort of manky lol!!

He started saying it was itchy and the cracked bit looked really sore so took him to see GP. We were literally in the room 30 seconds and he looked at it and said it was apparently infected excema and gave us prescription for Fucibet Cream. DS has never suffered from excema and tbh I know Im not a doctor but it didn't look like excema. Anyway I used the cream as directed and it appeared to get slightly better but still not right. It seemed to turn from very dry and cracked so dry and peeling...Id go into the lounge and find him pulling huge bits of skin off the sole of his foot.

Thought it might be the cream so after 4 days stopped using it and have just been using moisturiser on it instead and although its still peeling its soft skin thats coming off now rather than dry flaky stuff.

Up until today it was only on the sole of 1 foot but the skin has started peeling on the palms of both hands and his fingertips...not bothering him but it looks and feels awful.

Did a quick google (as you do lol!) and all it keep coming up with was Kawaskaki disease which frightened the living daylights out of me. Im pretty sure it isn't that as he hasn't been ill but am at a loss as to what else it could be. Have tried to make appointment with GP but as per usual non available unless life or death emergency so thought Id ask on here if any ideas!!

TheArmadillo Mon 22-Jun-09 16:44:19

I dunno but I had similar when I was about 6 - started with what looked like tiny blisters and eventually the top layer of skin peeled off my hands. It didn't hurt, though got a bit itchy. Went on for months. No one ever found a reason for it and it went away again.

girlandboy Mon 22-Jun-09 16:52:47

Twice a year my dd sheds the skin on the soles of her feet.

It's like she's moulting.shock It all comes off in a couple of days and then it's gone.

However, unlike your ds, it doesn't hurt or look nasty. And because it doesn't bother her we've never done anything about it. Perhaps we should. hmm Apparently too much vitamin A will cause the skin to peel of the feet.

Or this?

norfolklass Mon 22-Jun-09 17:26:04

thank you for the quick replies-much appreciated!!

Girlandboy-had a look at your link and his hands look pretty much like the second picture but not so wide spread as yet. Its like lots of little tiny air filled holes for want of a better word all over his finger tips and then bigger ones all over his palms...very strange!! I think I might go and do battle with the GP's receptionist tomorrow and see if I can get an appointment. Tbh its not bothering him at the moment. The itchyness on his foot has gone and it does look much better but it has started concerning me when it appeared on his hands today.

He's starting reception as well in september and you know how funny children can be...don't really want him to be known as the boy with the flaky skin!!

girlandboy Mon 22-Jun-09 19:59:04

Good Luck

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