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Reflux - prescribed Cow & Gate Carobel - anyone else?

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Ria79 Mon 22-Jun-09 14:20:44

When DS was finally diagnosed with Reflux when he was 10 weeks old - only after holding his breath 30 odd times did they diecide to listen to me - he was prescribed Gaviscon. After some time this no longer worked and he was back to being sick all the time.
We saw a different doc who gave him Carobel by Cow & Gate.
It's fantastic! No seriously, once you get the amount right it's brill. (it works for my DS i'm not suggesting you demand it from your doc!)
Has anyone else used it? Did it work for you, did your child have any side effects etc from it?
I've not known of anyone on it, my HV hasn't either and boots have to order it in for me.
Would love to hear from anyone else thats used it!

Susan34 Wed 15-Jul-09 22:09:37

Hi Ria,

My doc recommended it for my DS who is 9 weeks. He has Silent Reflux and is a hungry baby so Enfamil AR wasn't sustaining him.

So far so good (only 24 hours). Only thing is that he's pooing 3 times a day and it's very "creamy".

Was your DS the same?

gothicmama Wed 15-Jul-09 22:19:38

we tried it and it did not work for DS however what did work was when we realised as he was older the gaviscon dose could be increased and this worked well forhim. DS struggled to drink enough from teh bottle with the carobel in it and was still slightly sick on it

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