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recommendation for an ear thermometer needed

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SparkyUK Mon 22-Jun-09 12:40:34

Can anyone recommend an ear thermometer for me? I currently have a forehead scanning one from TommyTippee that I hate and which gives me different readings and error codes all the time.
DS (7 mo) has been okay with oral thermometers but the sicker he is, the less happy he is with my shoving something (other than my boob) in his mouth.
So, I'd like to find a reliable ear thermometer that doesn't need disposable filters. Does such a thing exist? I can just see DS waking in the middle of the night feeling hot and my going to get the thermometer and realising that we are out of the filters Would rather avoid that situation if possible!

blondissimo Tue 23-Jun-09 08:54:42

Hi I have no idea if you need filters for it but I think the Braun one is meant to be good.

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