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anyones daughter had a urine infection (d/d 8years old)

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t875 Mon 22-Jun-09 10:34:29

Our daughter has a urine infection, she has had this since thurs evening. She is on antibiotics, and isnt having the sharp pains she was having, but its still uncomfortable on and off.

Does it take a long time to get over this? Does it take a while for the antibiotics to start working? We are also giving her cranberry juice and she is having plenty of water.

Is there anything food wise to steer clear of.

Thanks for any help!

MarmadukeScarlet Mon 22-Jun-09 10:41:36

Give her cranberry juice.

Get her urine re tested a few days after ab's have finished (is it trimethoprin or a broader spectrum?)

My DD aged 6 had a UTI, after a course of ab she was still complaining. Went back to GP, couldn't see our own as on mat leave. Fierce woman GP told me DD was making a fuss and had got used to weeing so often and needed to retrain her bladder. I was a little surprised as DD not at all fuss maker. 2 weeks later at 4am DD was peeing (what looked like) pure blood with a temp of 105 - UTI had refluxed to kidney and now she has scarring/damaged growth of kidney.

t875 Mon 22-Jun-09 11:10:07

oh my word, i'm so sorry to hear this marmaduke. How bad of that doctor shock

we had her urine tested and it turned the paper straightaway, hubby took her.

yeah were take her back after the abs and get her tested again.

MarmadukeScarlet Mon 22-Jun-09 11:25:25

Did your GP send off for a specific lab test or just go on the stick results?

I hope I didn't panic you, but I was too laid back about it (was at a time when I trusted GPs, now have a son with SN and I view all medical professionals with suspicion grin) and didn't realise it could lead to other problems.

To be fair, we didn't realise at the time DD has a duplex kidney system (two smaller ones on one side including ureters, a normal one t'other) so with more tubes, comes more chance of reflux.

After having many scans etc, it was noted that most of the scarring was old and had stopped on of her kidneys growing at around age 4 - she had had a persistent high temperature so bad it gave her a heart murmur at this age, went to GP and peads lots but they were more interested in heart than cause of high temps.

This long story is to reassure you that actually, under normal circs, it probably would get so bad for most DC.

Hope she feels better soon, lots of snuggles on the sofa watching DVDs should do the trick.

t875 Mon 22-Jun-09 11:53:58

No the gp didnt send the result off just went by the paper, he said if it doesnt go then take her back to her dr (we went to emergency on call doc as she was in so much pain and docs were shut)

her urine is looking clearer today and thankfully she hasnt had a high temp atall with this.

sorry to hear all what your daughter has gone through, sounds like you being on top of the doctors really helped with what your daughter went through.

Hope she is ok now!!

MarmadukeScarlet Mon 22-Jun-09 11:58:53

it probably would not get so bad for most DC.

Sorry missed out the crucial word!

t875 Mon 22-Jun-09 15:50:26

Well thanks for your advise and help marmaduke.

How long does it take to go?

tots2ten Mon 22-Jun-09 16:06:25

dd1 suffers with UTIs, like marmadukes dd dd1 ended up weeing what looked like pure blood, that bad uti lasted for nearly 3 weeks.

keep a eye on her temp, and take her back as soon as the abs finish. Ask for the urine sample to be sent off to be tested. As first results came back clear (nurse at gp's did paper test) but when it was sent to the lab, they phoned me to pick up another prescription for anti-biotics

t875 Mon 22-Jun-09 23:51:42

Thanks tots2ten. Yeah she is finishing her antibiotics tomorrow her urine is clearer so hopefully this has meant the abs have worked.

We will be taking her back to the dr though to get her urine checked

smartiejake Tue 23-Jun-09 00:00:37

My DD has always suffered with urinary problems (cystitis like symptoms) She is now nearly 11 and seems to be growing out of it.
She has always found cranberry brilliant but someone recommended a homeopathic rememdy called cantharis to me for her.

Although I am rather sceptical about these sorts of rememdies, she has found it amazingly helpful. When ever it starts to flare up slightly she takes these tablets. It seems to work very quickly.

Not saying don't try ABs (as urinary infections must be treated due to potential kidney probs) but might be worth a try as an extra.

t875 Tue 23-Jun-09 19:57:00

Thanks for the post smartiejake, ill keep them in mind.

i'm always open for advise on the natural homeopathic front. smile

Glad it has helped your daughter.

My dd seems a lot better today, were go back and get her urine checked.

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