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Sorry if a bit yuck, but DS, aged 3.8, seems to be leaking wee a this common??

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OlderNotWiser Thu 18-Jun-09 20:59:45

Posted similar post lunchtime in Chat but got no replies so trying again here with the evening crowd smile

DS, 4 in the autumn, potty trained really easily last year and has never been a problem in terms of accidents. A while back tho, I noticed the house smelt of wee blush I blamed the cats initially, then decided that it definitely wasn't a cat smell and was a bit flummoxed.

Now, DS has a bit of a thing about having his clothes off when he is in the house, which is fine, except I started to wonder if he was going to the loo, then coming back to play still a bit 'wet', IYKWIM. Maybe the smell was due to that. So I've been insisting on pants-on. And sure enough, he has needed his pants changed about 6 times today due to large wet patches on the front. The patches happen at any time and seem rather random ie its not just a case of him leaving it too late to get to the loo. Is this kind of leaking common in a completely potty trained child..? Any ideas what its about? Today the house really reeks...totally vile. TIA for any thoughts!

thirtysomething Thu 18-Jun-09 21:03:04

No I don't think it's usual, sorry. If it was failry recent I'd have suggested a urine infection as that often makes kids leak a bit. Other possibilities are slight issues with foreskin tightness/ballooning when he pees then maybe a bit of wee getting stuck around the tip inside the skin and gradually leaking out? This would definitely need to be looked at by the GP. I would make him an appointment to see the GP as there must be a reason for it - probably only a little thing but still needs looking at.

Hope you manage to sort it soon!

Sidge Thu 18-Jun-09 21:08:26

It's not unusual but it's not 'normal' (for want of a better word!)

It could be due to an infection or constipation, or could be leakage due to a lack of regular toileting so that he is 'overflowing'.

Get his wee checked at the GP then try and follow a fairly regimented 2 hourly toileting routine combined with a good fluid intake (eg 6-8 drinks a day). The more the bladder is filled and emptied the stronger it becomes (sort of like giving it a workout like any muscle) and as it becomes stronger it is less likely to leak.

OlderNotWiser Thu 18-Jun-09 21:12:28

Thanks for your replies...I did wonder about infection. I think I will take a sample to the docs to be on the safe side. But yes, he does rather hold out on going to the loo so maybe he isn't going often enough. So a 2 hourly regime definitely sounds sensible if its not an infection!

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