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Help - chicken pox and fever of over 40 every evening for last 4 evenings

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flier Thu 18-Jun-09 20:10:16

Is it normal for the fever to last for so long? He seems ok during the day but every evening his temp just soars.

He's had spots since last Saturday and had a bad cough for around 3.5 weeks now. I'm not sure if I should take him to gp or if this is normal. I'm also worried that it is not normal, of course blush

spicemonster Thu 18-Jun-09 20:14:39

Can you bring it down with calpol/ibuprofen? My DS was pretty bad for about 4 days and then he turned a corner next day. CP is much worse than I expected. Your poor boy

flier Thu 18-Jun-09 20:32:44

thankfully it does come down with both calpol and ibuprofen. Its so strange how he can be relatively fine during the day and then goes downhill in the late afternoon/early evening.

thanks for replying, spicemonster

CrushWithEyeliner Thu 18-Jun-09 20:43:13

Can you talk to the docs and explain what is happening then he can be seen again. If you are concerned please take him.

I am so sorry you are going through this - I know what it's like to go through a high fever for a long period. CP can hit certain people v hard.

flier Thu 18-Jun-09 20:56:29

there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer for me, so I'll probably phone the gp in the morning. thanks Crush and Spice

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