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Low white blood cell count?

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TheDevilWearsYFronts Thu 18-Jun-09 16:00:58

Does anyone know what this can be caused by/ could be symptomatic of.

I am scared to google it.

noddyholder Thu 18-Jun-09 16:04:32

Sometimes too many anti biotics or infection.Also several auto immune conditions swing between low and high.Don't google there are so many reasons.Any other symptoms?Flu?

TheDevilWearsYFronts Thu 18-Jun-09 16:25:34

I took him to A&E as he had a meningitis type rash and high fever, bloody scary.

They told me he has a viral infection, we are seeing the GP next monday to discuss things.

TheDevilWearsYFronts Thu 18-Jun-09 16:26:35

I am loathe to give him antibiotics tbh, unless he really needs them, I think they are pushed too often. So he's only had one course ever.

noddyholder Thu 18-Jun-09 16:31:13

Well viruses upset production in teh bone marrow and the wbc can stay low for quite a while after a virus.They are prob just going to keep an eye on him

TotalChaos Thu 18-Jun-09 16:33:51

agree with noddy. try not to panic. when DH has had this blood test result he has just been told to get retested in a few weeks when he has had a chance to fully get over a virus/infection.

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