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Scarlet Fever in 2yo

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LteMadrid Wed 17-Jun-09 17:54:52

Can anyone tell me if they have had a 2yo with Scarlet Fever. My 1st DS (almost 4) had it two weeks ago and then suddenly yesterday pm DS 2 started with all the symptoms. We finally got confirmed diagnosis this morning so have started the antibiotics which am hoping will provide the same miracle relief they did for DS1.

The trouble is he just seems in far worse state. Fever keeps spiking higher and higher - last spike was 40.1 (friend has just reminded me to try the suppository paracetemol things), he's complaining of everything hurting and cant' take his clothes off as he then complains about anything touching his skin so his soft cotton tshirt and shorts is the best option.

So question - is it his age making him hit harder with this (one dr last night at hospital was adament 2yo dont get Scarlet Fever)? Any suggestions anyone? Something like calamine lotion a good or bad option - am in Spain so would have to find their equivalent here.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated as his throat is so swollen he can barely drink and the misery of a sick lo is hard to handle.

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