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Convulsions in a 12 year old

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mum2RandR Wed 17-Jun-09 13:20:27

My nephew fainted at school today and the teacher said he had a convulsion. My sister is taking him to the Doctors to get him checked over, its never happened before and he is otherwise fine.
Does anyone have any ideas/experience of what this could be? I googled it (bad move I know!) and epilepsy had come up but also diabetes.

LouLovesAeroplaneJelly Wed 17-Jun-09 13:58:24

Did he REALLY have a convulsion? I have seen people say that so and so had a fit when they had just fallen, fainted etc... Good that he is going to the doctors and I hope that he is ok but can you get anyone else to verify that he had a true seizure. I used to see lots of this at work (ex ambulance)

sarah293 Wed 17-Jun-09 14:08:25

Message withdrawn

jetcat32 Wed 17-Jun-09 15:37:47

I had this a couple of month ago. I got a phone call from school saying that my DD had had a fit - cue huge panic - turns out she had fainted.

A couple of years ago she did have a big seizure - her one and only. I heard her make a noise (she was in the room next to me) and i went in just to see her fall to the floor and start jerking, which gradually increased in strength. This lasted a minute or so. As she had never done this before, i naturally panicked as called for an ambulance. They took a few mins to try and rouse DD, and as they couldnt, they took her off to hospital where she slept for the next 6 hours. Maybe if there is no-one to verify what actually happened at school, then maybe see how he is afterwards - how long for recovery etc??

They couldnt find out a reason for this, temp and water were both normal. She has since been diagnosed with kidney problems which cause frequent UTIs, so they now think that she could have been either recovering from one or about to start with a UTI. But, they also said sometimes there is no reason at all.

She has never had another one since, although she does faint quite frequently - but then i am a fainter as well!!

As Riven says, they will usually only test for epilepsy after 2 seizures, i know my hosptial wont.

I hope he is ok x

mum2RandR Wed 17-Jun-09 17:34:59

Thanks everyone. The details are a bit vague, a child in his class said his eyes rolled and he was shaking. Think this is why the teacher said it was a convulsion.
I dont think he had much if anything to eat before he fainted and it was very hot yesterday so maybe it was just that.

smudgethepuppydog Wed 17-Jun-09 18:35:36

I do regular epilepsy training at work and this type of seizure came up. The nurse hosting the training said that basically everyone of us has a trigger point at which we can seizure (often related to heat/temperature) and for lots of people they have one and never, ever have another one.

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