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Sun cream difficulties

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flowerfairy Mon 15-Jun-09 20:45:10

Didn't know where to put this. Ds is 5yo and is becoming more and more difficult about having any suncream on. So much so that he would rather stop indoors or wear long clothes to avoid having it put on. does anyone have any tips or suggestions for a suncream that is qucik to put on without it costing the earth? TIA

ginnny Tue 16-Jun-09 11:25:51

Avon do a nice spray on one. Its a purple colour and you can spray it on quickly and see where you've rubbed it in.
Or I sometimes use the cream that lasts for 8 hours (Soltan from Boots I think) and at least then you only have to have one fight every 8 hours!! grin.

CUPCAKE1 Tue 16-Jun-09 14:19:18

Hello flowerfairy. I had very similar problem with my daughters so resorted to singing 'The sun has got his hat on' and spritzing them in a chase game which they loved, with a tear free spray from Banana Boat. If I accidentally got it in their eyes it didn't matter. Also used the slimy green aftersun gel which they loved rubbing all over each other to reinforce that you have to protect skin in the sun. Hope this helps!

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