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Skinny boys: how much does puberty change them (if at all)?

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abraid Mon 15-Jun-09 09:17:53

My son is 12, fit and healthy. I know this is the most important thing. He's reasonably sporty and tall but has always lacked muscle. He eats well.

He is frustrated because his small frame means he is easy prey for anyone of a bullying nature. Will the onset of puberty and the testosterone surge make any difference to him, or are skinny boys doomed to become skinny men? I'm guessing he'll enter puberty fairly late because of his lack of body fat.

We tell him that he'll be glad to be slim when he's older and everyone else is worried about weight, but in the meantime, a pound of two of muscle would mean he could defend himself much more against the boys who like to push him around. It would also mean that he could tackle other boys in rugby with less anxiety.

PrettyCandles Mon 15-Jun-09 09:40:23

My brother was a skinny weed, who found rugby a complete misery and was bullied. At 15 he discovered rowing and threw himself into it with such total passion that he ended up competing at international standard less than 5 years later. No more bullying once he was in the school first eight (rowing team).

Some young men do take a few years to fill out their frame. A photo of my dh at 16 shows him about the same height as he is now, but all knobbly joints and gangling awkwardness. By his early 20s he had filled out and was lean and muscley (and, ahem, fit wink). He was consistently active, coming from a hiking, cycling, walking holiday type of family.

I suspect that sport is probably the key.

abraid Mon 15-Jun-09 10:40:56

Ah, rowing! That might be a possibility. Thanks, PrettyCandles. He does love sport anyway.

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