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Dreadful hayfever (I think) in a nearly-4 yo.

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NaccetyMac Sun 14-Jun-09 21:53:37

I am quite concerned, he's coughing like mad, loads of clear runny snot, eyes look like he's been punched (red whites, bruised and puffy), sounds hoarse, is itchy...

He's on Clarytin from the GP for his heat rash. Poor little sod Does Not Do Summer. sad

I'm pretty sure it's HF and not a bug as it#s worse in the evening, the cough is constant though. worried.

Anyone BTDT?

Doodle2u Sun 14-Jun-09 22:28:35

Certainly sounds like it but a trip back to the GP would be in order. Clarytin should help his symptoms but if it isn't doing, he needs further investigation.

DS and DH both have hayfever and we've discovered different brands of antihistamine have different degrees of success.

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