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anyone with dental knowledge on line please?

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mckenzie Fri 12-Jun-09 15:05:08

DS has been a finger sucker for years. To start with it was , or seemed to be, constant but now (he is nearly 8) it is just at bedtime. He puts his ring finger and middle finger (although sometimes it's middle finger and index finger) in his mouth so that the nails are facing downwards and the palm of his hand is facing upwards.

Recently he has had a few sore patches under his bottom lip and while trying to clear them up i have noticed that this area is often damp and it would seem to be that his top lip comes out much further than his bottom lip so the dampness is occuring because his bottom lip is pretty much inside his mouth! Does that make sense? I'm assuming that his finger sucking habit has caused the to half of his mouth/jaw to protrude further forward and so no longer meets with the bottom.
HE has some of his adult teeth through but only about 6/7 I think. Should I be concerned about this at his age?


mckenzie Sat 13-Jun-09 08:12:30


IDidntRaiseAThief Sat 13-Jun-09 08:24:20

well you know what's causing it, is there anyway you can knock this habit on the head? I know someone who is still a thumb sucker in mid 20's and her top teeth/mouth are a v weird shape.

Maybe someone here has succeeded in breaking the habit

LadyOfWaffle Sat 13-Jun-09 08:25:36

I am not a dental expert but I read this post yesterday and wanted to say that I know someone whos 3 year old (may have been just 4) sucked their thumb and was given a funny plastic things for their thumb to stop it at that age. My DS (3.2) sucks his fingers in the same way and I am going to the dentist with him soon to get it all checked out Hope that helps?

LadyOfWaffle Sat 13-Jun-09 08:26:27

Thing, not things I think the dentist gave it to them. The plastic thing...

mckenzie Sat 13-Jun-09 08:30:22

thanks for the replies
We tried the finger guard which is perhaps what you are talking about LOW. It is a plastic splint like contraption. All that happened is that DS sucked his fingers with the guard attached!!
He sucks them much much less now than before but I am concerned that the damage is done. We are doing other things to improve his confidence as i think this is all related to that, for DS anyway.
Just wondering if will he need braces or surgery or something else.

mckenzie Sun 14-Jun-09 08:09:58

does anyone else know please about the long term? What dental solutions might we be offered?

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