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Impetigo and Bactroban cream - Help! looking for answer before surgery closes for weekend

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abdnhiker Fri 12-Jun-09 11:47:33

Hi, will Bactroban antibiotic cream clear up a very tiny, very new patch of impetigo or should I be calling the surgery and asking for oral antibiotics?

My three year old has a significant patch of impetigo (size of a 20p piece) and has been put on oral antibiotics. When we were getting them yesterday I requested something for my 12 month old in case he picked it up over the weekend and we were given Bactroban cream. Today my wee one has a spot on his chin that's filled with pus so I'm guessing that's him with impetigo too (no surprise). My question is will the cream work on him because we've caught it so early? I don't want to end up off work again next week if possible so I'd like to make sure we have the right medication for him.

If you've used the Bactroban cream in the past, how many days are you supposed to use it for? The full ten days it says in the leaflet (seems like a long time if it's cleared quickly). And at what point are they considered non-infectious?


abdnhiker Fri 12-Jun-09 13:53:08


cass66 Fri 12-Jun-09 19:55:51

yes, bactroban is a good treatment for a small patch of impetigo. I'd start using it tonight. use it until the rash goes then a few days more. infectious whilst the rash is wet and weepy.

HTH, Cass.

abdnhiker Sat 13-Jun-09 15:07:08

Thanks very much! my little one has another spot on his hand so we're using the cream and keeping our fingers crossed. My older one's oral anti-bs have given him a runny bum so I'd rather not inflict that on my 1 year old if I can help it.

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