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quick question looking for quick answer

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oneforward20back Fri 12-Jun-09 01:50:10

ds had some pre school booster this am (not MMR as under hospital for that) Can they cause high fever, shivering and swelling in arm. Is this normal?

ladylush Fri 12-Jun-09 02:02:48

Any vaccination can cause these symptoms which is why they usually advise to give calpol after vaccinations but if you are worried I would call NHS Direct/consider calling doctor out. Hope your lo gets better soon. By the way - not sure about swelling. Is it the whole arm or raised injection site? That sounds concerning imo.

oneforward20back Fri 12-Jun-09 02:07:05

Like he has a super muscle thing going on. Will see how he is in morning. Can't be bothered to wait the 3 hours for NSH direct to get back. He has gone back to sleep (pinched my single bed though) and will try to join him. Its intersting as he hasn't reacted to any of his other jabs hmm


ladylush Fri 12-Jun-09 02:17:33

Even if he is better in the morning, I would report it to the surgery as it very much sounds like an adverse reaction to the jab.

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