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Really loud swallowing - adenoids or tonsils?

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snickersnack Wed 10-Jun-09 21:36:31

ds has all sorts of upper respiratory tract issues. He's had recurrent throat, chest and ear infections since birth and is constantly snuffly. He's having his adenoids out soon (he's nearly 2) which we are hoping will help a lot, but I've noticed recently that when he swallows it's really really loud. Like a gulp, almost - as if he's struggling to swallow. I don't notice it when he's eating or drinking, but as I sat with him as he went to sleep tonight it struck me how noisy it was. Does this sound like an adenoid problem to you (in which case should be resolved post-op) or is this a tonsil problem? The consultant has said his tonsils are enlarged, but he's very reluctant to remove them because he's so young (and actually although they are large, he has only had a couple of bouts of tonsillitis)

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