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gillythekid Wed 10-Jun-09 20:12:47

DS has been suffering so badly for months, tried Canasten then Nystaform for the thrush and lately been using Metanium. I use only a drop of tea tree and lavender in his bath, no products. Tried different nappies to no avail. He constantly wants to scratch his willy which is raw and obviously very painful, some nights he literally screams himself to sleep and DH and I desperately want to help him but feel totally useless. Does anyone know anything that is safe to use that may calm the itch? Could this be something other than thrush (or dermatitis caused by it, as my GP thinks)?

strawberrycornetto Wed 10-Jun-09 20:25:35

Our chemist gave DS a canestan/steroid cream. Is that the one you had cause there's also canestan without the hydrochortisone. Apparently it needs to be prescribed although our chemist did just give it to us. It cleared up DS's fungal nappy rash when nothing else seemed to touch it.

ten10 Wed 10-Jun-09 20:44:50

How old is your DS, because mine got dreadful nappy rash when his first teeth were about to come through,

after I had tried different nappies, going without nappies (as much as possible) lots of different creams and potions
only the steroid cream on prescription from the doctors cleared it up,

Ewe Wed 10-Jun-09 20:51:19

I posted on this exact subject a few days ago, see this thread. The routine listed on there has worked really well for us thus far and DD has a rash free nappy area at the moment.

Just noticed about the natural yoghurt comment too, have you tried this? I have heard it can be very effective for treating thrush.

SJisontheway Wed 10-Jun-09 20:55:53

We used canestan HC also and worked eventually. This was after usen probably about a dozen other products and seeing numerous docs. We eventually got referred to a dermatologist who kept DD in her care until it was sorted. It sounds like a bad dose so if other suggestions here don't work I would seek a referral to a paediatric dermatologist.

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