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chronic diarhoea, and tummy pain plus headaches in 8 year old

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stitchtime Mon 08-Jun-09 09:52:24

any suggestions on wha tthis might be? friend suggested irritable bowel syndrome. but he seems a bit young for that.
any help appreciated.

flamingtoaster Mon 08-Jun-09 10:06:09

I would ask your GP to do the blood test for coeliac disease as these are classic symptoms. Your DS needs to continue to eat gluten (i.e. bread etc.) until you get the results of the blood test in case he needs a biopsy of the gut to confirm if the blood test is positive (in which case gluten must be eaten until after the biopsy). If he is coeliac then eating a gluten-free diet (after all diagnostic tests have been done) will solve the problem.

stitchtime Mon 08-Jun-09 12:14:35

thanks flame.
we went to see the doctor, but because it was through triage, the appointment was withthe nurse practitioner. (also had to take dd for uti) she has given us one of those bottles to take a stool sample, which i will take in tomorrow, and then we need t o make an appointment to discuss the resutls. but now i know, to push for blood tests, to check for coeliac disease.
i really hope its not something like that. actually dont know what i hope for. just the best.

flamingtoaster Mon 08-Jun-09 13:07:44

The stool sample will rule out a lingering infection, etc. Hope they can find the cause soon so your DS can start feeling better. (By the way don't worry if he is coeliac - the glutenfree diet is much easier these days as there is a much greater variety of gf foods available.)

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