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DS just split inside lip!!!

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maxybrown Sun 07-Jun-09 16:36:17

HELP!!! DS has just tried to climb up on a stool and has fallen and split the "upper labial frenulum" bit that connects lip to gum. It is quite a split and he has a nice fat lip now too, but would it need looking at do you think? He's currently having his first ice lolly and is happy now, plus, I'm not a panicker, but would hate to think he would need it stitching or something and I haven't taken him!

Will it just heal back do people think??

gigglewitch Sun 07-Jun-09 16:38:19

Being safe, I think I'd want to get it looked at. I remember when my sister split hers as a kid, blood everywhere, and it needed stitching.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 07-Jun-09 16:38:52

I'm sure I've read on here before that it won't be stitched if you took him to A&E.

I bet the cold ice lolly feels lovely - good idea!

gigglewitch Sun 07-Jun-09 16:39:32

how old is he btw?

foxinsocks Sun 07-Jun-09 16:41:16

it hurts when it heels

if you don't have any, get some teething gel or anbesol (please check age as not sure when they can have this) as you may need to numb it before he eats, if it's a bad one

and avoid anything that hurts things like wounds or ulcers in a mouth (like baked beans) for a bit while it is getting better otherwise it stings

foxinsocks Sun 07-Jun-09 16:41:31

heals not heels grr

foxinsocks Sun 07-Jun-09 16:41:35

heals not heels grr

gigglewitch Sun 07-Jun-09 16:42:52

good advice fox, but beware - make sure any such gel does not contain aspirin because it will cause the injury to bleed more (veteran of many years of oral & maxillofacial surgery)

maxybrown Sun 07-Jun-09 16:50:17

thanks folks. He is 20 months. Blimey, I have anbesol but bet that alone will sting like mad when first put on!

I work in primary school and used to seeing all sorts, and I'm not "soft" as it were, but I don't want it healing with a big gap if that makes sense? I also don't want to turn up at casualty looking like a worried parent!

foxinsocks Sun 07-Jun-09 16:53:04

ah giggle, good point

I had a nasty facial injury when I had an accident so well remember all the pain and healing!

he may not need any of those gels Maxy but if he suddenly starts not wanting to eat, might have something to do with the pain rather than not wanting food iyswim

maxybrown Sun 07-Jun-09 16:58:16

Ah, he's off food at min anyway with teeth! So I'll trial an error as we go.....won't need stitching then? (I appreciate people can't see it, just wondered from people's experiences that was all)

gigglewitch Sun 07-Jun-09 16:59:24

btw, one of the things I had after one of my ops was a mad gel stuff which anaesthetised it a bit, but it was sort of waxy and "waterproofed" it a bit whilst I ate ( which I like to do a lot) I'm sure you end up eating a load of the gel but hey... (which is why I was wondering whether it would be worth a visit to emergency medics?) More recently I used "rinstead" mouth gel stuff, supposedly for ulcers, when I had my last lot of metalwork re-arranged.grin

Might be worth going for bottles, even if he's moved on from them / doesn't use?

maxybrown Sun 07-Jun-09 17:19:52

lol, DS has never had a bottle in his life! I am sure he would not have a clue what to do with it....not that I have any! He is quite adept with a straw though....although will that hurt more?Not sure! I'll see how he goes tonight maybe....

Thanks for all the quick advice. smile

gigglewitch Sun 07-Jun-09 17:27:56

two out of three of my dc didn't have a bottle ever either, which is why i put it like that grin straws work fine. Looks like you're going to be making lots of lollies and ice cubes then wink

shoshe Sun 07-Jun-09 17:38:53

I know I have put this before, but a quick tip, for a cut in the mouth, give a spoonful of sugar, it stops it bleeding straight away, something to do with enzymes.

I keep a cafe packet in my first aid kit for when out as well.

maxybrown Sun 07-Jun-09 17:40:16

Hi I already did the sugar trick, working in primary school, we had a paramedic that told us that one on a first aid! BUt Thank you.

He has a nice fat lip now....lucky thing. grin

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