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Aaaargh, DS1 has the pox and we're going away in two weeks!!!

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MrsTicklemouse Sun 07-Jun-09 10:06:11

no advice needed really unless anyone has a miracle cure!!! i just need to vent!!

DS1 (3) has come out in definite chicken pox this morning, for the second time, he had it very mildly when he was 1.
i'm now terrified that DS2 (16m) is going to get it and we go to florida on the 22nd!
do you think two weeks is enough time for him to incubate, get spots and scab??

if you do happen to know a miracle cure please let me know!!! i don't want to cancel my overpriced holiday!!

yama Sun 07-Jun-09 10:10:45

Well, my dd (3) is at the spots stage. She had her S&D exactly 2 weeks ago for about 3 days.

The spots started on Thursday night and are still appearing.

I suppose I'm trying to say that it all depends on when the spots appear. Not much help I know - sorry.

thisisyesterday Sun 07-Jun-09 10:11:18

oh no! 2 weeks may not be time enough for him to get it and recover because it can incubate for up to 2 weeks anyway so he could come out with it as you go away!

so, let's hope he either gets it really quickly, or incubates for ages and isn't obviously pox-y when you fly.
or of course, that he doesn't get it at all.

MrsTicklemouse Sun 07-Jun-09 10:22:45

its going to be the longest wait, ds1 hasnt got any on his face yet so i hoe it stays clear that way i can cover his scabs up for the flight if he still has any!

i really hope ds2 doesnt get them but its unlikely!! i've just realised he will probably get them whilst we're away i hope that wont cause problems for the way home!!! best case scenario is that he gets spots today too!

if i knew where they'd come from i might be able to guess at when his spots will come!! but i dont, i think it must be ds1 playgroup!

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