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Thrush and nappy rash - really need some help and ideas!

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Ewe Fri 05-Jun-09 20:49:57

DD is getting such bad nappy rash, has done for a while now and it almost always turns into thrush too. I have never seen it as bad as it was tonight.

It is worse during the week when she is at nursery, I don't know what they are doing differently as it clears up pretty quickly over the weekend with use of canesten and Sudocrem.

Please, please tell me your experiences of this. I can't think what else to do apart from treating it when it comes up (at least every other week). Does anyone know how/if I can prevent it happening?

FfreckleFface Fri 05-Jun-09 20:51:36

Sorry, Ewe, can't help, but sad for your DD and hope she feels better soon.

Lots of bare bottom time over the weekend maybe.

littlelamb Fri 05-Jun-09 20:52:23

As much nappy off time as possible, canestan and a complete course of antibiotics. I know how relentless it can seem, my ds has thrush a lot and it clears up after a day or so of antibiotic. Ask them to prescribe the banana flavoured one, he loves it
I have found that applying any other cream doesn't help tbh, even metanium which is usually great. I'd go to the doctors for a prescription, or def the walk in centre tomorrow if you can get to one

cookielove Fri 05-Jun-09 20:54:03

in a nursery unless you specifically ask them to change her more frequently they prob won't most nurseries have routines change nappies three times a day and then change any poo's when found. obviously this isn't true for all nurseries. If she's kept in a wee or a poo for to long this could be adding to the problems. Also what cram are they using on her? You could bring in a a stronger cream and ask for them to apply it?

Ewe Fri 05-Jun-09 22:22:32

I think that nursery were changing her too frequently - every two hours! It had been fine all week with less changes but today has just totally flared up.

I will def try to do more nappy off time but I would rather she doesn't have antibiotics as I have a bad problem/reaction with my stomach when I take them so want to avoid them where possible to ensure she doesn't get the same thing.

I use Sudocrem or Metanium depending on the severity and then canesten when I see the thrush starting.

Ff thank you, me too, there is always something!

puffylovett Fri 05-Jun-09 22:24:57

Ewe - if you need to give her antibiotics, you can also give her probiotic powder at the same time in her drink, so she's replenishing the good bacteria at the same time. Keep giving it for a few weeks after the AB's have finished. This should go some way to preventing the same kind of stomach issues you suffer from.

smackapacka Fri 05-Jun-09 22:32:42

My DD has suffered on and off (mostly on) with nappy rash forever... here are my conclusions...

Only use water with a washable flannel or cotton wool. Don't use any kind of disposable wipe.

Dry the bum completely(we use a muslin). Use bottom butter (from waitrose) every change.

Change frequently - more than you would think necessary.

Allow nappy off time as much as you can bear (I try and let her have about 20 mins before bath) and she's a toddler so this usually means a wee somewhere around the house. Just get 1001 - that does the trick.

Use metanium when she's actually got it. It really works at clearing it up.

I haven't read this thread but I know alot of people are fond of sudocrem. This must be rubbed in properly and used sparingly as white bums can cause hot sweaty infections. I've never had much luck with it and I feel qualified to advise on this subject as I have finally found a system that works for us!


Ewe Mon 08-Jun-09 18:49:47

Been doing your routine over the weekend and it is fab - the baby bottom butter is AMAZING and her bum is the clearest it's been in bloody ages.

Thank you SO much!

puffy - didn't know you could get probiotics for babies so that is very helpful to know as I come from a long line of dodgy tummies when it comes to medicines

smackapacka Mon 08-Jun-09 21:22:40

Oh good - I did wonder how you were getting on!

Jux Mon 08-Jun-09 21:31:06

Live Natural Yoghurt. Smear it all over her and the nappy. It is cooling and also fights the thrush.

Ewe Wed 10-Jun-09 20:52:33

Live yoghurt - had totally forgotten about that! Thanks for the reminder Jux, should it come back (I'm hopeful it won't!) I will def try that.

LittleMammaTo2 Wed 17-Jun-09 11:58:59

My DD suffered same thing recently after having a clear bum forever! Doc prescribed Clotrimazole Cream which worked a treat. Were told that if we used any nappy rash cream that we should use very sparingly as can interfere with effective paterprofing of nappies. DD is just over 2 and been potty trained during day for 4 weeks now - bum still bit sore every now and then which I put down to being in nappies over night.

Hope routine still working well for you

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