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Rough skin on backs of upper arms?

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RGPargy Fri 05-Jun-09 14:02:04

DD (18mo) has developed rough skin on the backs of her upper arms recently and i'm not sure why! I know people do get dry skin spots there (i used to get them and DP gets them too) so i'm wondering if it's because her skin is getting too dry (i.e. too many products in the bath?) and perhaps i should use a moisturiser on her arms to help? I've used J&J baby moisturiser a couple of times on her arms and it seems to soften the skin a little.

Has anyone else had this problem and what helped it go away?


mankyscotslass Fri 05-Jun-09 14:03:42

DD has this as does littlest manky. I find that e45 or aqueous calamine helps.

SOLOisMeredithGrey Fri 05-Jun-09 14:04:37

Try washing her in Aqueous cream. No need to wash it off completely and you can put more on after baths, throughout the days etc.

RGPargy Fri 05-Jun-09 14:15:37

Thanx, I'll give that a go.

spicemonster Fri 05-Jun-09 14:21:48

My HV prescribed Diprobase cream and Oilatum for the bath for my DS and it has improved his skin markedly

RGPargy Fri 05-Jun-09 14:29:04

Ooooh i've got a big vat of diprobase upstairs. Think i'll dig it out again. What's the shelf life of it? I think we got it when she was a few weeks old so it'll be over a year old now...... hmm

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