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help my silent reflux son keeps vomiting solids!

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qumps Fri 05-Jun-09 09:45:06

my nearly 6 mo son is being treated for silent reflux with ranitidine and dom peridone. he has also been put on neocate and is being tested next week for soya and dairy allergies. he struggles to drink his milk (only takes 3/4oz at a time) and is up on average 5 times a night.
on advice of dietician i am now trying him with baby rice. unfortunately everytime it touches the back of his throat he vomits or gags. i am sitting him in his car seat to feed as he can't manage the high chair yet (have also tried bumbo) and really watering the rice down.
anyone been through something similar? any advice? the paediatrician just says keep going and i will but its so upsetting....sad


Kutner Fri 05-Jun-09 09:59:09

My daughter had silent reflux and was on ranitidine.

I was advised to wean early as solids are easier to keep down that liquids. Having done some extensive reading on the internet I disagreed and waited until six months to baby led wean.

If you don't feel that this method is working/helping and that your son may not be ready you are entitled to get a second opinion.

What I will say is that my daughter grew out of her refulx by her first birthday, so it doesn't last forever.

Good luck.

qumps Fri 05-Jun-09 10:09:06

thanks kutner for your response.
baby led weaning is new to me as wasn't a big thing when i had my eldest. can you give me a brief description of how to start? i'm not convinced but the doctor thinks he may suffer from allergies (hence the neocate) so what would be a good food to start with?

gordonpym Fri 05-Jun-09 17:23:07

classic baby food is terrible for reflux babies. Purees, babyrice and so on make things worse! You'll receive many answers like mine.
Either go for really liquid or solids, for example a clear soup (eg not thick) or cook an apple in the oven, take the skin off, and help him suck it. Try giving him rice and not baby rice (powder). Give him the control about food, so if he feels something is upsetting him he will stop. I never gave DS2, who had severe reflux and was on lanzoprazole, puree or smashed things until he was 1 year old.
Which test are you going to do? Skin or blood? DS2 had dairy, eggs and wheat allergy. and the skin one didn't show it, but it was clear with the blood. It is not easy to make a diagnose of allergy in very young children. If you do the blood, ask for the complete set.
Pear is really good for reflux babies. Cut one in tiny pieces and cook it slowly for 10 min in an inch of water and then give it to him with the liquid. Baby pasta, broccolis, ... and now that we are in the summer, cut a big slice of watermelon and help him suck it,....
Maybe ranitidine and peridone aren't enough and I would try Omeprazole (losec) or lanzoprazole (lansox, easy to dissolve, and better taste).
But remember, it will get better. Weaning is an issue, and I think most Hv don't have a clue.

Elibean Fri 05-Jun-09 17:44:26

dd2 had silent reflux and refused anything pureed or mashed from the start, losing weight and worrying us no end - till we started BLW with well cooked pasta (fusilli was good, or penne) she could shred with her two teeth, cheese (not good for dairy allergy, obviously), ripe pear, toast fingers she could suck at, pizza crusts, boiled potato, broccoli (well cooked), etc.

I was amazed to see a 6 month old - well, 7 month old by then - who hardly touched mashed carrot eat whole chunks of well cooked carrot, pasta, etc. but she did. Worth a try!

Meantime, sympathies...its very upsetting to see one's child refuse food or not be able to tolerate/swallow it. Sort of goes against all our instincts as mothers, somehow.

qumps Fri 05-Jun-09 19:18:20

thanks for all the advice. as someone who has never seen it in action i am really nervous about the whole baby led weaning thing as i just can't see how they don't choke? def sounds worth a try though. can anyone recommend a good book?
the tests are being done by blood. gordonpym when you say ask for the full set, what does that mean?

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