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What's wrong with DD (22 months)? Screaming and straining at bedtime.

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CharCharGabor Wed 03-Jun-09 21:10:20

It's been the last two nights, she's been hysterical at bedtime and really straining like she needs to poo/fart. She gets more and more upset and wound up and then finally passes out a little while later. She's been fine throughout the day and pooing normally etc. I'm wondering whether she's straining to wee as her nappy felt a bit warm after this evening's straining session. She's also been trying to scratch her bottom. Obv will take her to docs if it carries on but can anyone shed any light? She's awake again now so will be back on in a bit. TIA

thisisyesterday Wed 03-Jun-09 21:15:31

worms? only cos of the scratching bottom thing

TheBreastmilksOnMe Wed 03-Jun-09 21:17:14


Trapped wind?


CharCharGabor Wed 03-Jun-09 21:40:45

Thanks, I'll look up worms and cystitis and see what the symptoms are to see if they match up. I didn't think it would be constipation because she pooed fine this morning. I thought trapped wind but she's fine all day. She had a massive fart up there but is still straining. She's asleep again now but god knows how long for. Thanks again smile

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