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Swollen, weepy insect bite

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lollipopz Wed 03-Jun-09 14:37:14

Noticed ds (2) had been bitten on the shin last night when he was in the bath. Overnight it had become swollen and weepy so i took him to the GP. She has given him antibiotics and piriton, but whats worrying me is she seemed concerned she has drawn round the swollen area and told me if it gets bigger to go to A and E. Just wondering if anyone knows what she is worried about, i know i should have asked! The affected area is about the size of a milk lid.

cyanarasamba Wed 03-Jun-09 14:43:19

I would guess she is worried mainly about him continuing to react badly to the bite or about infection, both of which would cause the bite to continue to increase in size rather than start to heal. The piriton and antib's should sort him out though.

My DS (2) had a similar thing on sunday, started off swollen, then went "shiny" before weeping, went red raw and now looks like a graze or burn. Very big and scary. It's healing up fine but the doctor said he didn't think it was a bite as bites don't normally do that. Bit wierd though as I'm sure I've had reactions to bites like that before and sounds like your DS had similar?

lollipopz Wed 03-Jun-09 14:54:31

Thanks for the reply cyan, yes it does sound similar although doc did say she thought it was a bite. Suppose we will just need to sit it out and see what happens. Ds is loving the big pen mark on his leg any way lol.

cyanarasamba Thu 04-Jun-09 15:00:11

Hi lollipopz, just checking how your DS's bite is, would have thought it would be looking much better by now? On my DS's bite the scabby skin has all peeled off already and it looks healthy and pink underneath.

Only problem is I keep forgetting to give him the antibiotics (bad bad mummy!).

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