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Best suncream for baby with excema

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berri Mon 01-Jun-09 22:14:14

I used some Soltan baby suncream on our 5.5month old today and it brought his excema up quite badly - not sure if it was because it was quite thick when I was patting it onto his skin? He wasn't really in the direct sun but I'm paranoid about him getting burned.

I heard you can buy wipes but can't see them anywhere on the net, and I also saw something called Proderm which is recommended for sensitive skin?

Any recommendations?

MumHadEnough Mon 01-Jun-09 22:15:39

Bergaderm mousse (previously known as Proderm). It was specifically designed for people with eczema/dermatitis. The bonus also is that it last for 6 hours.

You used to be able to get it on prescription but I'm unsure if this is still the case.

JudyBlume1019 Mon 01-Jun-09 22:15:54

I did the same with my 3 year old today, really gutted because afaik all the eco type ones I've used in the past are sticky and take ages to sink in.

Will be checking this thread very hopefully.

JudyBlume1019 Mon 01-Jun-09 22:17:37

Brilliant, that sounds great! Shall be purchasing tomorrow with any luck

Marthasmama Mon 01-Jun-09 22:19:07

I was thinking of trying a mineral sunscreen for my dc as my ds and I are allergic to chemical sunscreens and dd has eczema too. I haven't got any yet but I tried Simple for babies over the weekend and that seems to have been fine, for all of us.

JudyBlume1019 Mon 01-Jun-09 22:23:15

that sounds good too, what spf is it? We're all really pale and worry that spf 30 may not be high enough.

Marthasmama Mon 01-Jun-09 22:26:14

I think the Simple one is either 40 or 50. Just got up off the sofa to check for you <you're very honoured wink> it's 50.

SeaweedNK Mon 01-Jun-09 22:44:01

Proderm / Bergaderm is now known as The Sun Mousse. The cheapest place I found to buy it was here 1375-29.html they are out of stock of the SPF30 kids but the normal SPF30 formulation is identical (just no buckets & spades on the packaging) and I have been using this on DD and DS with no problems.

I have used proderm/bergaderm/sun mousse since DD was a baby and reacted badly to many different types of sun cream.

berri Tue 02-Jun-09 07:36:22

Great, thanks so much - will buy some now.

weblette Mon 29-Jun-09 13:31:09

They have it back in stock, phew!

CUPCAKE1 Mon 29-Jun-09 13:43:36

I've been reading about suncreams on Mumsnet over the past few weeks and many people have recommended Banana Boat for children with sensitive/eczema prone skin? I've been using the Tear-Free baby formula (pink one) on my 8mth old and she's been fine - it's factor 50 I'm pretty sure.

paisleyleaf Mon 29-Jun-09 13:45:06

DD has eczema, it's been trial and error but have found tesco's own green one to be best for her

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