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Any Kids Having Weird Dreams?

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Dree Mon 01-Jun-09 17:43:23

I do free dream interpretation on my website and very often people talk about getting recurring weird dreams at night that seem to scare them silly. Just putting this out here because I was wondering about young children and their dreams. Do you as a parent keep track of these dreams?

ABitStretched Mon 01-Jun-09 19:16:17

So glad I saw this. ds1 (4) has a recurring dream about a green furry monster coming out from behind his curtains and watching him from the ceiling. He also sleep talks and sleep walks, sleep laughs and sleep cries - so a bit of a nutter all round at bedtime. I worry about it a bit because when I was that age I had recurring dream for about 3 years and I was always scared to go to sleep.

kutilputil Mon 01-Jun-09 19:24:52

my ds1 of 3.5 years is frequently having nightmares and ending up in bed with us. he always sees animals, especially tigers and monkeys and they seem to scare him by poking him or looking at him. but he isn't afraid of animals in real life....he also sees his dad scaring him but in RL his dad is verey loving and gentle with him, rarely shouting or displining like myself. i am a lttle worried as my nephew of 8 years is bedwetting frequently due to very frightening nightmares and i feel ds1 is going in that direction as he wets his pants occaisionally. would you have any insight into his dreams?

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