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ds2 has gone to hospital with dehydration

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redclover79 Mon 01-Jun-09 17:18:25

He's had a d+v bug and didn't keep fluids down for nearly 48 hours. He seemed to pick up a bit yesterday after a shaky start and has been keeping food and water down since. He had breakfast this morning and has been sleepy all day. I've offered him drinks regularly which he has been taking but he's not been drinking huge amounts.
DP took him to the doctors who have sent him to the hospital. what should I expect?

Overmydeadbody Mon 01-Jun-09 17:21:32

How old is he?

They'll probably put him on a drip to get his fluids up if he is dehydrated.

This happened to me when I was 9. I got a d+v bug, it lasted ages, I got worse and worse, I started hallucinating and passing out, my dad drove me to hospital passed out in the back of the car, and they kept me in for ten days. Turns out I was really ill with a form of dysentery, worse than salmonella.

redclover79 Mon 01-Jun-09 17:33:57

He's only 2 sad, ds1 has the same bug but is nowhere near as bad, seems almost back to normal and is contemplating food. I'm hoping dd doesn't catch it as she's only 1 yr old.
ds2 has been drinking since yesterday but his nappies are practically dry and his wee is almost brown...

redclover79 Mon 01-Jun-09 17:36:06

thanks for responding btw, I had salmonella when I was a student and that was bad enough, dysentery sounds dreadful!

ilovemydogandmrobama Mon 01-Jun-09 17:42:17

Depends on the severity of dehydration. They will probably try Diorlyte to get him hydrated. 5ml every 5 minutes. If he is tolerating this, then they may keep him in to make sure he's keeping it down. If he's still vomiting, they may put up a drip. He may also have blood tests done in case it's an infection. (and they can tell from blood tests re: hydration levels)

Hope he gets better soon...

candyfluff Mon 01-Jun-09 18:19:16

hope he gets better soon xxx

belgo Mon 01-Jun-09 18:22:55

How stressful for you. Try not to worry. My dd2 was 17 months old when she was admitted to hospital with a severe bug, she needed a drip and medication to keep her temperature under control. She made a full recovery, but she did have messy poo for about a month - I had to be very careful with her diet to give her intestines a chance to recover. The BRAT diet is recommened when recovering from d&v.

ScummyMummy Mon 01-Jun-09 18:30:37

Sorry to hear this, redclover79. This happened to my son at around 17 months. They put him on a nose drip and rehydrated him very slowly. He was an inpatient for just a night I think. Scary how fast they dehydrate, isn't it? But he'll hopefully be bouncing back pdq as well. My son did. Will you or dp be able to stay in with him if necessary?

redclover79 Mon 01-Jun-09 23:13:32

thanks for all your messages, I'm relieved to report ds2 is back home having been an awkward patient! Paed reckons he has had gastric flu but is not overly dehydrated. I'm off to bed with the beginnings of a migraine <frazzled>

belgo Tue 02-Jun-09 08:39:11

Hope you've all had a good night redcloversmile

redclover79 Tue 02-Jun-09 16:43:07

Thanks belgo, he seemed much better this morning but is being awkward about having drinks. will try ice lollies later...

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