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Spots, Rash, Cough and Runny Nose - Advice please

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bumpkin32 Sat 30-May-09 21:57:56

My 1 year old has had red spots appear on her chin, a rash (similar to heat rash) appear on her legs, a horrible cough that makes her cry and really horrible yellow, runny nose. We went to see the nurse because she was due her MMR and she suggested it could be chicken pox or a virus, but the spots don't seem to have got worse over the last few days but the runny nose and cough seem to have. She is off her food a bit but does not appear to have a high temperature now (but seemed to have when she first started feeling unwell).
She saw another child the day before showing any symptoms and now that child has identical symptoms.
Would be grateful for any advice as to what you think it could be please?

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