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3yr old boy could pull back foreskin now can't after red willy end, help!!!

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Fizzylemonade Sat 30-May-09 19:48:26

That is it really, he is only literally just 3, he plays with his willy lots and lots grin

Had noticed that a couple of days ago the end of the foreskin was very red for one day but that then went.

I know he can pull his foreskin all the way back because I had a daily display of him doing it whilst watching TV grin

He went to the toilet for a wee and he weed sideways, normally he then pulls his foreskin back a bit and wees straight but he didn't do it.

His willy is back to the normal colour but when he was in the bath he was playing with it but the foreskin definitely cannot come back at all. He just has enough of a gap to wee through.

He has said tonight that it is sore but it doesn't look sore so I am assuming it is sore inside.

Should I be worried and be taking him to the doctors?

bubblagirl Sat 30-May-09 20:10:22

whatever you do , do not try to force it back at all it can cause damage

he may have just pulled it back bit far and caused it to become torn underneath slightly if too concerned take him to gp may need some cream on it

its not unusual for children of this age to not be able to pull foreskin back

do not pull it yourself to retract it though

Fizzylemonade Sat 30-May-09 20:52:19

thanks bubblagirl, I would never pull it back for him. He freaked out when he first pulled it all the way back during a playing session and thought he had broken his willy grin and came to me to "fix it"

So I know he can do it, it's just worrying that today he can't.

bubblagirl Sun 31-May-09 07:09:27

it could just be a bit sore underneath boys do tend to do the most harshest of things to them pinning them to carpets stretching them lol

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