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5 week old vomitting infant gaviscon

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maisieraine Sat 30-May-09 17:27:27

My breastfed DC has been frequently vomitting since being 2 weeks old. Not at every feed, and more in eveings and mornings, though can be anything. The HV suspected reflux, GP agreed due to to DC preferring to be upright and it not just being evenings.

GP gave us infant gaviscon, but I've mixed it up and spooned it in to DC twice now, and both times it's been brought straight back up, the second time it was a very big vomit, getting it all over her face and in her eyes. I am now not keen at all to give her it again.

Has this happened to anyone else ? Any ideas on what to try now ?

Fizzylemonade Sat 30-May-09 19:37:04

I can understand your reluctance to give it again but I think you should.

Are you mixing it with any breastmilk or just giving it straight? It might be easier if you expressed milk, mixed it with that and then cup fed him if you are not happy introducing a bottle.

Both my sons had reflux. Ds2 is now 3yrs old and still refluxes in his sleep, upright in the car sad

We started on gaviscon but it didn't make any difference so we were then referred to paediatrician at the hospital.

He was 10 weeks when he started with it and ended up on a prescription formula, no drugs.

maisieraine Sun 31-May-09 14:44:57

Thanks Fizzy. I'll try mixing with expressed milk and give it another try. Yesterday was just one round of vomitting after another and I would really like it to get better.

gordonpym Mon 01-Jun-09 06:36:23

Reflux is a true nightmare and a very long process, so try now to get a appontment with a gastoenterologist.
Meanwhile ask for Ranitidine. You can combine it with Gaviscon. Ranitidine cures the cause of acids while gaviscon cures the acids. IYSWIM. Later, if this is not enough, there are stronger medication. And do not hesitate to ask for them again and again. A reflux baby is a miserable baby, and it will take months if the reflux is really severe.

If you are BF, which is the best for reflux babies,you need to watch your diet: tea, coffee and chocolate make it worse. Try to cut all Dairy products as well. Try this for 1 week,and you should see a difference.

lobsters Mon 01-Jun-09 22:15:40

Go back to the doctor if it's not working, my DD had reflux, we started with infant gaviscon, and if I'm honest it was no use at all. DD ended up on prescription formula (Enfamil), Ranitidine and Domperidone, and it worked wonders. The vomiting is almost non-existent, back arching is gone and she sleeps now. Keep going back to docs until you get something that works for you.

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