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6 months old bf baby vomiting after first week of weaning?

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Luise85 Sat 30-May-09 11:08:43

Please help me with some advice.We waited until he was 6 months old before introducing baby rice (organix) as first solids. After the second day a light rash appeared around his mouth which we thought was just a reaction of the rice on his skin before wiping it off after the feed. Last night though he was projectile vomiting three times (first time this ever happened), he also vomited after a small bf after but seems fine this morning.I was really worried after he vomited as he seemed really weak and lethargic, not sure wether it was due to tiredness though but woke him porperly to make sure he was alrigh.
Where to go with weaning now? Which foods should we rather try as first foods if babyrice is causing this? And is babyrice not the mildest form of solids to start with? Anybody else who experienced this?

Mij Sat 30-May-09 13:44:49

Can I just check what you're mixing the baby rice with? I never used it (we did finger foods at 6 months, didn't bother with mush but that's not a judgemental thing, just a way of declaring my ignorance of baby rice and purees!) but I know that those who do tend to mix it with EBM or whatever formula they've been using.

Could be coincidence of course - a bug - but if you were using cow's milk it could be an early sign of dairy intolerance/allergy.

After going back to exclusively breastfeeding for a couple of days, just to make sure all symptoms are gone, and perhaps some of the less fibrous or acidic vegetables or fruit for starters? They're mostly water anyway, and if you avoid things in the potato/tomato family (they can cause skin rash too in those sensitive to them) introduce something new every couple of days.

If you're concerned about allergies, have a look at this food introduction schedule this

Mij Sat 30-May-09 13:46:00

Sorry, that should have read 'perhaps try some of the less fibrous or acidic veg...' Pregnant brain strikes again...

Luise85 Mon 01-Jun-09 18:06:02

Thank you Mij, the link is helpful as well!
sorry it took me so long to return to my thread.

forgot to mention that he already suffers from severe eczema and we have a family history (both parts) of allergies, hayfever, eczema and asthma).
I mixed the babyrice with ebm, but now realised I might have put too much of the powder (babyrice was as runny as milk with the suggested amount of fluid) Could that have caused it?

we gave him fruit purees in the last days instead (well he maybe takes only about two spoons if at all) but the red rash around his mouth is persisting.
we have a referal to a dermatologist we are seeing tomorrow (because of his eczema), glad to be able to discuss this rash tomorrow as well!

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