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recurrent infected molloscum......any ideas please?????

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wideratthehips Fri 29-May-09 20:16:24

my ds who is 5yo has had molloscum for nearly three years all over his legs.

since january the spots have been cracking, bleeding and becoming infected. they are itchy and i think they get knocked a lot from him diving around the place.

initial treatment was with fucidin cream which helped for a short while.

he has just recently finished a course of penicillin based antibiotics to try and help as the infection area was growing red and hot around the affected spots.

his nails are cut very short and he understands about having clean hands.

we have tried eurax cream and emolliant to stop the itching.

his legs are just a terrible mess with purple scars from previous spots.

drs are rather lethargic to do anything....please help!!

MrsAlwaysRight Fri 29-May-09 23:02:16

Not sure about the infection but I used Grapefruit Seed Extract on DD's molluscum and it rapidly cleared them up. Might be worth a try. It is supposed to have anti bacterial and anti viral properties. I used it combined with Tea tree oil in the bath and diluted in olive oil directly on the molluscum.

I did start a thread about this but have no idea how to link to it! blush

fifitot Sat 30-May-09 19:15:20

The scratching is probably excema and you probably need a hydrocortisone cream.

My DD has molloscum and I despair of it but when they go bloody and hard they usually drop off. They do leave a purple scar but is usually a sign they are going. Just hoping the scars fade eventually.

Docs won't do much as there is nothing to do but wait til the body learns to fight the virus. Concentrate on keeping the itching down.

BoffinMum Tue 02-Jun-09 13:13:51

We had this eczema/molluscum combo very badly, and eventually did something a bit mad and highly unorthodox, but it worked. I squeezed the things out like zits in two or three sessions whilst heavily bribing said child to lie still, and squealing with glee and showing the wartie things to their owner as they emerged (I am a keen home surgeon). We applied pressure for any little spots of bleeding, and I think I may have put antiseptic on perhaps, and some melonin dressings, just to protext them while they healed a bit.

A dermatologist then prescribed a special mix of sterile vaseline with a low dose steroid in, and we lathered that on at night for the eczema, covered it with a hot wet tubigrip bandage and then put a dry tubigrip bandage on top. In a couple of weeks everything had more or less gone, and said child had no scars.

I am not sure what a doctor would say about all this, but I tried it on a subsequent child and had the same positive results. Initially I had assumed that the holes would get infected and/or the wartie things would spread even more, but that simply didn't happen. The dermatologist had said that the alternative was poking them with sticks of something to burn them off, which sounded a lot more invasive tbh, and not great for the eczema.

OrmIrian Tue 02-Jun-09 13:20:19

DD had some recently. Took me ages to find out what they were and I didn't really worry until she started scratching them and they began to get sore and swollen. Funnily enough after she had done that, and I'd cleaned them and put antiseptic cream on them night and day, they scabbed over, and after a few days the scabs came off and she was left with a slight red bump which faded. It seems really counterintuitive that it worked but it did.

OrmIrian Tue 02-Jun-09 13:22:33

And this is going to sound really antisocial blush and I didn't do it on purpose... but swimming helped. DD was invited to go swimming with a friend and I don't know if it was the chlorine but it seemed to help them to dry up.

ohmeohmy Tue 02-Jun-09 13:33:07

Thuja ointment worked for us on the molluscum

littlelamb Tue 02-Jun-09 13:36:09

I found that when ds's started getting red and scabby it meant they were on their way out. Bizarrely, I have heard that gettign a different infection often wakes the immune system up and it then starts to fight the spots. WIth my ds he got a skin infection in his willy (ouchy) and the mmolluscum disappeared literally overnight after a few doses of the antibiotic. Neals Yard do a really nice chamomile moisturiser that I used to stop ds's spots itching.

mountaingirl Thu 11-Jun-09 17:53:10

I had been treating ds2 with initially tea tree oil but they lay dormant for a while and then spread and were very red so... I gave him verrulia homeopathic tablets one twice a day for a month ( has anitonium crudum 9ch nitricum acidum 9ch thuja occidentalis 9ch also fab for verrucas), painted on thuja tincture on each molluscum twice a day til dried up, also is taking alvityl defenses syrup which is echinacea propolis and vit C to boost his immune system.He is still taking this and I think I'll keep on with it for about 6 months. His molluscums were red and very inflammed but within 2 days they had gone from red and white to healing. On husbands insistance I also took him to another GP who gave him antibiotics and a cream for the spots. Within 3-4 weeks they had all gone, he is left with scars though, but no more have reappeared and when I saw the odd bump a couple of weeks ago I painted them with the thuja and nothing has come up since.

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