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Melatonin and Vallergan

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mewmewpower Thu 28-May-09 12:37:27

My DS who is now 3yrs 9 months has had a problem sleeping for the last 6 or 7 months. He will sleep 5 - 7 hours maximum and that would be our lot, every other hour he would be up. Needless say the whole house including my 8 year dd were shattered. We saw a Consultant the other week and he has prescribed us Melatonin, apparently it's a natural hormone (in the form of liquid) to help him sleep. We gave him the full dose of 4mg last night and he STILL got up!If this doesn't work then we have to resort to drugs "Vallergan". Has anyone had any experience of Melatonin and if so quantities? as it's natural not sure if I can give more than 4mg? Also anyone had experience with Vallergan, I think actual drug is called Alimemazine? hmm We just want a good nights sleep I'm not asking for I?

Pheebe Thu 28-May-09 18:03:02

DS2 had melatonin as a sedative for an EEG so just a one off dose. It is an natural hormone but will only work if its a melatonin imbalance thats causing the sleep disorder.

Is the consultant a sleep specialist or a general paediatrician? TBH I would be pushing to see a consultant who specilaises in sleep disorders and/or a trip to a sleep clinic before going down the medication route. There are lots of things that can be tried to improve sleep habits before that although I don't know how many are suitable for young children.

lily333 Wed 10-Jun-09 21:28:49

our DS (3) has been on melatonin ("kidnaps" trade name usually)since about 15 mths old. He only has one working retina so seems to need a top up of melatonin to be able to switch off and actually go to sleep. Before having melatonin he could be awake 13/14 times a night and as a family we very soon lost the plot - he was like a permanent waking newborn iykwim. We've tried to stop using the melatonin but after five days or so the routine factor is overtaken by the lack of hormone - or so we think, and so for the time being we're resigned to him having it from the central Research on melatonin the last time i checked indicated that it was safe to take, though being unlicensed it needs further studies. However the mental benefits for him and us have been life-transforming, now we just have the odd bad night like most families!

brimfull Wed 10-Jun-09 21:34:10

I take melatonin to help me sleep sometimes when my sleep pattern gets screwed up from nights.
I have 1mg tabs and I take half a tab for a good nights sleep,anymore and I feel exhausted the next day.
I am shocked that your ds woke after 4mgs.

Did you see that program about sever sleeping problems in children the other night? It was on ITV.

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