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Sickness bug- how long is the incubation period? Advice please!

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victoriagirl Thu 14-May-09 08:31:29

We have 15mth old DT’s. Last Thursday night (i.e. a week ago today), their nanny and their dad came down with a sickness bug which lasted a day or two, and then turned into a cold thing. On Monday night I came down with it, and last night (i.e. almost a week later) the nanny’s husband came down with it- the only person he’s seen is his wife, so its taken a week to come through to him. The boys had loose/mucusy nappies last week and then a cold/sore throat.
So my questions are – do you think the dt’s could posibly have already had a milder version of this bug? If not, do you think they could still come down with it in a week’s time? It’s just that we get married a week on Saturday and have the party a week after, so we are cacking ourselves that they might suddenly get it at the end of next week and then be ill or contagious for the party.
I know people won’t really have the answers, but I just wondered what other people’s experiences are of incubation periods/contagiousness? Also, I am wondering whether to really try to expose them to it now to get it over and done with rather than being obsessive about hand washing and dettol and trying to protect them!!

victoriagirl Thu 14-May-09 13:19:14

has anyone else had this sickness bug? I don't think its the norovirus- seems to be something different?

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 14-May-09 13:20:44

no advice but I do feel for you - I hope you get the answers you need!

FrankMustard Thu 14-May-09 13:21:32

If your dcs have had loose nappies then they may well have had a milder form of it. Usually it affects close family memebers pretty soon...but who knows with bugs TBH - fingers crossed they had a version of it and are now fit and well for the wedding - enjoy your day!
Would be fairly unusual I should imagine for a sickness bug to incubate so long, they usually hit quite quickly IME....

smudgethepuppydog Thu 14-May-09 18:35:05

You'd know if it was norovirus, it really is very explosive. DS had it a while ago and the vomitting was almost projectile an dcome son very, very quickly. There are plenty of other bugs that cause diarrhoea and vomitting that are not norovirus. I think incubation period for noro is around 12-48 hours and it's similar for other stomach bugs.

I hope teh twins have already had it and your wedding and party go very smoothly.

Congratulations and good luck, may your marriage be long and happy.

victoriagirl Fri 15-May-09 08:10:06

Thanks for your replies- really helpful. Sill not sure how much to expose them to people or keep them hidden until next week. Its not just worrying about them, its also that there are lots of small children/tiny babies coming to the wedding, so if we are in any way contagious, I would feel awful.

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