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Chest infection in 14-month-old - Please come hold my hand and re-assure me

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angel1976 Sat 09-May-09 19:30:33

Hi all,

DS is my PFB and now 14-month-old. He's not big but not little either, he's always for a nice bit of fat to him if you know what I mean! On Tuesday, we were asked to take him home from nursery as he had diarrhea, a temperature and very grizzly and not eating at all (unusual for him). From Tuesday - Friday, he had an on-off temperature, not eating much (in fact eating less as the days went by) but wasn't too worried as he was still drinking milk/water, his temp manageable with Calpol/Calprofen. Yesterday, I was a bit alarmed as he took a 4-hour nap in the afternoon. I called NHS Direct and they said he was fine as long as he was happy and alert while awake.

Last two nights, he has refused his night bottle and refused any milk we tried to give him in the night. Today, he slept till 9am! Fell asleep with me on the sofa at 11-12 (never happened before, this is a boy who loves to sleep in a dark, quiet room with no noise and the TV was blaring today!). We took him out for some fresh air, he was very grouchy and fell asleep at 2pm on the way home. I wasn't happy with the way he was (his breathing sounded labour as well), we called NHS Direct again, got referred to GP who told us to take him to A&E. We took him to A&E and was diagnosed as having possibly a virus infection that has now turned into a chest infection. He refused dinner completely tonight, took some of his AB, about 2.5 oz of milk and fallen asleep at his usual bedtime of 7pm.

I am so upset. I hate to admit this but I cried and cried down the phone to NHS Direct. All he's had today is 3/4 of a pear, two mouthfuls of Coco pops, half a small rice cake and half a yoghurt and in total about 10 oz of milk. The good news is he had such bad nappy rash due to his diarrhea, which has at least now cleared up. I am really ill with the same bug (but 13 weeks pregnant so can't take anything more than paracetamol and the concern of the nice nurse on NHS Direct for me reduced me to even more tears!). He's now lost his nice bit of fat to him and belly and looks so thin. Please come and tell me things will get better. I just can't bear it...

Thanks, Ax

kid Sat 09-May-09 19:36:52

It will get better. Keep on offering fluids and make sure he finishes off the anti biotics and he will get that layer of fat back again.

It is scary when they are ill. Give him an extra hug and make sure you drink plenty of fluids too.

angel1976 Sat 09-May-09 20:06:52

Thank you kid! I really needed to hear that, he has been drinking fluid, thank goodness. I have planned a lovely half day out with a really good friend to celebrate her birthday and in half a mind to cancel it but really feel like I don't want to let her down and there's nothing more I can do for DS and of course DH will be with him all day to take care of him, which originally I thought would be great for father-son bonding... Just wish there was more I could do for him even though I feel so ill myself!

kid Sat 09-May-09 20:41:18

At least they have identified what the problem is so they know what they are dealing with and how to treat him.

If you are feeling up to it, go for the night out, it will do you good to have a break.

Comewhinewithme Sat 09-May-09 20:52:47

<holds hand> I posted similar a couple of months ago when dd had a chest infection .
I know you feel helpless and wish you could take it all away for him but you are doing what you can for him and have done all the right things .

WRT to the not wanting milk it will not hurt him (Obv as long as he is drinking clear fluids) dairy can make you more chesty .
He will soon put the weight back on and you will have your happy little boy back . My dd was so miserable I was in tears but she has been running round today dancing and keeping us all on our toes and before long your LO will be the same .

The sleeping is good best thing to do is sleep when you feel rubbish .
If he is more chesty at night prop a pillow under his mattress to make him a little more upright . Please make sure (I know you will) he finishes his AB's course even he gets better halfway through the course too .

Hope you both feel better soon .

angel1976 Sat 09-May-09 21:16:13

kid - We are only going out for a couple of hours in the day and won't be far so I guess it should be okay? I just feel so guilty though I know there's nothing more I could do for him. I haven't had a few hours away from DS (literally) for more than 2/3 times since he's been born.

Comewhinewithme - <Holds hand tight> How old was your DD? I felt so bad as I literally sobbed down the phone to NHS Direct and I could tell the guy felt so bad for me... He already sleeps on a pillow and doesn't seem to be coughing much at night (thank goodness though I had a moment of panic when I woke up at 8.30am and I haven't heard anything on the monitor!). I will make sure he finishes up his ABs. I've always been reluctant to give him ABs (he was prescribed it once as he had a bad cough but I didn't give it to him as I felt he wasn't that bad) but I think this time he needs to have it to get better. It literally breaks my heart to see him crying in discomfort. How on earth am I going to get through being a parent if this already makes me fall into pieces (I am sure the pregnancy hormones don't help!).

Thanks for all your support.

tory79 Sat 08-Dec-12 19:37:12

Thank you. He fed this morning, and briefly at lunchtime, but refused again before bed sad

tory79 Sat 08-Dec-12 19:37:50

Oops - obviously completely the wrong thread!!

TenPercenter Sat 08-Dec-12 19:46:06

Hope he is feeling better soon, my ds1 was off school for a week, zonked on the sofa with the same thing. It's horrible when they are ill, but with another one on the way I hate to say it but you will get used to it in time smile.

nannyof3 Sat 08-Dec-12 19:53:12

That amount of food / fluid is ok..

If still the same tomorrow i would take him back to A&E.. Dehydration is a complication that is best avoided !

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